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My Magic Carpet Loves a Doggone Good Cause

With so many charities out there, it can be challenging for a company to choose just a few philanthropic organizations for partnering. Collaborating with Vanderpump Dogs was a no-brainer for us. After all, many of our My Magic Carpet customers are dog owners, shelters, and families with kids and pets who need washable rugs for accidents, comfort, and spills.

Dogs locally and internationally experience horrific abuse and neglect due to a lack of animal care and welfare education. Overpopulation leaves many dogs vulnerable and homeless on the streets, searching for food and shelter where they can catch diseases, get into fights with other animals or run into the wrong person.

Vanderpump Dogs is a non-profit founded in 2016 by Lisa Vanderpump & Ken Todd committed to combatting the dog meat festival and trade in Yulin, China, and Asia. In addition to halting the meat trade, Lisa & Ken dedicate their work to providing care and rehab to dogs in the United States through various channels and programs.

End Abuse of Dogs Worldwide through Activism, Education, and Legislation

Vanderpump Dogs My Magic Carpet machine washable rug's co-founder Monica Dallyn.

Vanderpump Dogs were pivotal in introducing Resolution 752 to the Chinese and Yulin governments to stop the torture and killing of dogs for consumption. The bill then became House Resolution 401 passed to Congress, condemning the global dog and cat meat trade.

Locally, The Vanderpump Dog Foundation initiated and supported several acts, including The Puppy Protection Act that forces federally licensed facilities that house dogs to improve their living conditions and access to food and veterinary care.

Vanderpump Dogs are actively helping push legislation called the WoofAct that would block a breeder with a revoked or suspended license from being able to apply for another license under a different person's name at the same address.

 Spay/Neuter Programs to Control Overpopulation

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There's a lot of misinformation or no information circulating about the importance of spaying and neutering animals. Vanderpump Dogs, in partnership with SPAY4LA, started a program that provides low-cost or free spaying and neutering to low-income families with dogs.

The clinic also has vaccinations and flea and tick medication available on a walk-in basis at a low cost. Overpopulation of dogs is an international crisis for dogs and humans that leaves many animals fighting for survival without anyone to advocate for them. These poor animals can also develop illnesses that can spread to the nearby human population if not controlled.

Pairing Pups with Seniors, and Providing Care to Companion dogs for Homeless People

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The Vanderpump Dogs Foundation has a fantastic program called Senior for Seniors. The goal is to pair senior citizens with senior dogs in need of companionship at a reduced adoption fee. To ensure compatibility, Vanderpump dogs carefully screen both person and pup.

Currently, approximately 60,000 homeless people are living on the streets of Los Angeles County. Many of them have pets that are their only friend or family. These loyal animals give warmth and show love and support. Unfortunately, these animals need food and medical treatments that some of their owners can't afford. Vanderpump Dogs partners with local Missions to offer vaccines, food, treats, and flea treatment to dogs.

The Vanderpump Nursery

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Expecting puppy moms need protection and veterinary care like human moms-to-be. The Vanderpump Dog Foundations work with kill shelters in Los Angeles County to find safe housing for pregnant dogs and nursing moms up to 8 weeks when the puppies are old enough for adoption. The program relies on the sponsorship and generosity of the community to help support their cause.

We've discussed only a few of the programs and initiatives available in this article. Still, Vanderpump Dogs is always at the forefront of seeking ways to educate people on animal welfare and protect dogs. My Magic Carpet is looking forward to continuing our charitable relationship with Vanderpump Dogs and supporting their vision of making this an animal abuse-free planet.