RVGeeks Standing in front of RVs by a beach.

On The Road Again - Meet the RVGeeks

The RVersPictured here: The RVGeeks, Peter Knize & John Sullivan with Michael Malm (center) founder of My Magic Carpet Machine Washable Rugs. 

Did you ever dream of just being free? You know, ditching your 9-5, packing it all in, and just getting out on the road indefinitely? That's just what Peter Knize and John Sullivan did, and their life on the road turned into a popular TV show, The RVers. You've come to know them as The RVGeeks, hosts of one of the most popular YouTube Channels all about RV life with over 180,000 subscribers!

The traditional life of living in a single home or tiny apartment with a full-time office job and two weeks of vacation does not sound appealing in the least for some. Taking that leap towards freedom from and leaving a life of perceived security can be scary and exhilarating, depending on your level of risk aversion. 

Following a period of introspection, Peter and John decided they would leave it all behind for the open road. Quoted as saying that their decision to get on the road and live the RV life full time came after some serious personal "life experiences combined to remind us how short, and precious, life can be, and how important it is to live life fully while we have the chance." The RVGeeks are a reminder to all of us to live life to the fullest!

The pair initially hit the road in 2003 to take in the sights of what North America has to offer. Although not trained in RV mechanics, as they previously worked in computer, media, and marketing, Peter and John learned enough about fixing and RV maintenance through time spent on rigs. The duo can do most of the work needed on their RV. 

In 2011, the traveling team took all of their know-how, tricks, and tips to become YouTube's go-to channel about living a free and joyous life in an RV. The goal of this endeavor was to enlighten other RVers on money and time-saving DIY projects. 

After gaining their previously stated popularity on YouTube, in 2019, Peter and John moved to broadcast television as co-hosts and Co-Executive Producers of The RVers. Unlike other reality TV shows that focus on scripted interactions and on-set drama created by producers to hook an unsuspecting audience, The RVers concentrate on the thrill of being on the road and following the cast's lives in a positive light. 

The RV Geeks were on their way to Los Angeles from Lake Mead and made a stop in Las Vegas to visit with our founder, Michael Malm. We're hoping their glamorous life of freedom on the road doesn't tempt Michael to pack it all in and get on the road, too! But if he did, who could blame him. 

If you're longing for a nomadic life but are on the fence about downsizing, working remotely from just about anywhere with a lake, ocean, or mountain as your office view, then you must watch The RVers for some soul-searching inspiration.  

You can watch The RVers on The Discovery Channel, PBS, iTunes, Amazon, and multiple stream platforms.

You can find the RVGeeks YouTube channel here.