Red, white and blue banner that says Happy Independence Day in all capital letters.

How to Feel Free on the 4th of July

What about the July 4th parties and celebrations that make us feel so free? Is it that we can step away for a moment from our healthy diets for some ice cream and apple pie that is unequivocally American or attend a beach cookout, take in the ocean breeze and ride the waves all day? 

Freedom for us at My Magic Carpet is as simple as getting the day off from work and inviting the gang over with kids and pets to eat lots of food, relax and cherish time together. And because we're a washable rug brand, we'd like to offer some advice; enjoy yourself and don't worry about cleaning the floors after the party! 

Now for some pre-party fun, let's narrow down a few prime suspects we can count on to create a mess. 

A Clumsy Significant Other

Bless this person's loving heart. They try hard to be a good support during all of your get-togethers and holiday events. However, the truth is, they can't seem to break free of their clumsy tendencies no matter how many yoga classes they take. 

Whether it's a dropped bowl of cherries on a brand new light-colored carpet or a leaky wine bottle, this clumsy partner is usually seen lurking in the vicinity of the accident scene. 

To reduce the number of mishaps involving food products, Maybe put this angelic person in charge of keeping track of the kid and pet activities. 

Wet Children, Muddy Paws 

Child sitting on a black an white rug on a porch with a messy popsicle.

You can almost bet that when you see an excitable, laughing child running through the house, a galloping dog isn't far behind. This statement is especially true during big parties with other children present. 

Can we be honest for a minute? We all know no matter how many times you tell a child not to walk through the house with a wet swimsuit on or let the dog in after they've been running through the sprinkler, they're still going to do it. 

What's the solution? Do we keep hoping for the impossible, or do we give up and place decorative, washable non-slip area rug in key places throughout the house? Sometimes taking the easy route isn't giving up, plus you get new home accent pieces! 

Next up is a deliciously addictive sauce that's also enemy number one for clothing and floors. 

BBQ Sauce

Spicy, mild, tangy, smoky, or sweet, we Americans have much love for this summertime condiment that accompanies meat like icing on a cupcake. Eating bbq is an endeavor and not a good recommendation for a first date. You must prepare yourself and your home before cooking and enjoying a bbq meal. 

Wearing white after Labor Day is no longer a problem. Now it's not wearing white to a bbq unless you're ok with throwing out that article of clothing. The next is if you and the members of your household love grilling with this sauce, antique hardwood floors or an all-white rug that ISN'T washable won't do. 

Washable runners or shag rugs over hardwood floors can work wonders for you. After a drip of bbq sauce, spot clean and throw in the wash for a refreshed rug. 

Can life get any messier than sticky bbq sauce? 


Image of two children sitting on a black and white plaid rug with messy ice cream.

Desserts come in all kinds of textures, ingredients, shapes, sizes, and flavors. Some are more sinfully staining than others, but can we live without them? Not on the 4th of July. The flow of ice cream and popsicles at nearly any summertime soiree is unstoppable. 

For an extra enjoyable holiday, chocolate fudge sundae proof your kitchen, living room, and entryways with washable 3'x5' or runner rugs and feel the stress melt away, pun intended!  

We hope you feel a bit calmer about hosting a big July 4th party because, after all, Independence Day is about freedom, so fully embrace it!