Make Your Time With Dad a Special One This Father's Day With My Magic Carpet

Make Your Time With Dad a Special One This Father's Day With My Magic Carpet

On that one special day in June, Father's Day, we clear our calendars to spend quality time with the man who's been there to cheer us on or offer words of encouragement through all of life's momentous occasions. 

Dads have helped us through a million loose teeth and skinned knees with a boyish sense of humor that always seemed to take away the pain. They've done so much for us, so what are some enjoyable things we can do to show them love on this day of observance, in addition to gifting a surprise runner rug for their man cave? 

We could take him to the movies or have dinner at a nice restaurant. Why not avoid the crowds of people attempting to do the same and opt for some bonding time over a football game or a home-cooked meal? 

Reminisce Over a Delicious Meal

Baby and dad on a decorative area rug in a living room.

 Ottoman Turquoise Washable Rug

Some dads are fantastic cooks, dare we say better than some moms? They never miss out on an opportunity to show off their culinary skills. And although it's Father's Day, this dad refuses to let us near "his kitchen." He insists on doing all the cooking in his newly remodeled kitchen, outfitted with a brick pizza oven, new sets of knives, and a couple of washable rugs to keep from staining the floors.

He'll throw back a few sips of wine as he prepares one of the best meals of your lifetime and reminisces about when he and mom first found out they were about to be parents, concluding his stories with your questionable prom date choices. 

Not all of our fathers can make art out of food. That's why there's to-go beer, chicken wings, and mancaves with 65" television.  

Watch His Favorite Sport

Son tackling dad on an area rug in a room next to a tent.

 Parviz Grey Washable Rug

At this father's request, you're staying home and ordering greasy food from the place "down the street." He has no desire to get out of his new chair with a cozy shag rug adorning his feet to shave and look presentable for dinner. After all, it's his day, and he wants to be comfortable. Truthfully, you've been doing the same thing with him for father's day since you were a child. 

No matter the season, this dad will find a current or archived sporting event on TV to watch, analyze, and unofficially officiate. Have no genuine interest in chess? Take notes. Because this year you're going to learn the English Opening. After all, there's always a lesson to teach and a lesson to learn, according to sportsman dad.

Some fathers are sports nuts, and some fathers are just plain nuts! 

The Goofball

Father and son dancing on a colorful area run in a living room.

 Ramage Indigo Washable Rug

If you've had the pleasure of growing up with this fun dad, you remember laughing a lot with and at your dad throughout childhood. He lovingly embarrassed you around your friends with his insufferable "dad jokes" and tried to convince you that he was a trained dancer with two left feet. Your dad remains a giant child full of life and love, always ready for the next laugh. 

For this dad, nothing in the world makes him happier than hosting a bbq on the tastefully decorated covered patio with patterned rugs and fresh florals with his family and closest friends. To him, there's nothing better in life than cracking a few jokes while eating his favorite dishes in the warm breezy June air. 

Whatever you do with your dad on Father's Day, we at My Magic Carpet washable rug hope you create memories that last a lifetime.