Banner with a floral rear rug and NEW DESIGNS 2022 LAUNCH overlay.

New Rug Styles to Refresh Your Space

Are you feeling a recent twinge of boredom with that scruffy circa 2013 kitchen runner or the purple polka-dotted 5 x 7 in the living room that seemed like a good idea ten years ago but now looks unpleasantly bright and tacky?

It's spot-on timing to indulge yourself in our new 2022 collection launch featuring contemporary style area rugs and French-inspired floral designs.

The designs are effortlessly versatile and available in various sizes and shapes. We're excited to share a glimpse into this unique collection and offer practical styling ideas directly from our homes.

Impressionist Floral

Dog in a kitchen on a floral blue washable area rug.

Step inside a well-groomed garden in the South of France blanketed with lush greenery and warm, colorful petals. Emulate the relaxing feel of that beautiful garden in your space with our Sasha Floral Cream Blue washable rug.

To reduce the industrial appearance of a functional room like a kitchen, we positioned this rug, either the runner size or 3 x 5, in front of a wall of cabinets or an oven to add subtle pops of blue, green, and pink notes.

This rug and all our rugs will soak up excess water and collect crumbs left by snacking children and furry friends. Vacuum up dirt and food remnants or throw in the wash for a deeper clean when ground in dirt or spills occur.

Stripes in Motion

Striped washable rug on a corner living room floor under a quad chair next to curtained windows.

Hypnotize family and guests with our exceptionally different Tratti Offset Black and Cream washable rug. At first glance, you'll think you need 3-D movie glasses, but as your eyes adjust to the uneven and nearly undetectable diagonal lines, you'll fall in love with the modern motif.

We placed the 3 x 5-sized rug under a foldable quad chair in a cozy corner with lots of natural light for enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee, then a chilled glass of white wine, and a good book without even considering the possibility of a spill.
Mid-Century Modern Mood

Mid-century modern washable area rug in a home office.

There are certain days, few and far between of course when we all wake up, and our home office is the last place we want to visit. The hard corners of the desk, glare from the monitor, and sounds of a clacking keyboard are a cringeworthy combination.

To ease the eventual pain of spending hours in a tiresome office, we decided to choose a rug design in a calming color that inspires focused productivity. Our Dula Light Sage Green washable rug surrounds us in a comforting retro Mid-Century Modern mood-enhancing experience.

A French Medallion

Floral medallion washable area rug on a floor in a child's playroom with a girl.

Decorative medallion rugs date back to before the 16th century, with many cultural iterations occurring over the years. Throughout history, medallion rugs adorning the homes and palaces of royalty and aristocracy symbolized class and sophistication.

We veered off from the typical animated stylings of a child's playroom with our classically beautiful Aubusson Beige washable rug. Our vision for the playroom was to include a piece that wouldn't fall victim to trends and could follow our children from their youth into their teenage years.

Whether in blue or beige, you'll love how the floral medallion pattern of the Aubusson gives your space the right amount of elegance with fashionable longevity.

The Vintage Advantage

Washable vintage style washable runner rug in entryway.

Vintage rugs, regardless of wear, can frequently break the bank with their initial price and follow-up maintenance costs. Plus, owning rugs like these is impractical for people with children and pets. It's nearly impossible to keep playful children and a muddy dog from stampeding through the house.

As part of our new collection, the Dardon Bordered Grey washable rug is designed to look like a distressed area rug from another time without the expensive upkeep. The detailed scalloped border hems a realistically faded floral pattern. Desperate for a rug refresher, we laid the Dardon runner rug in our entryway next to a wicker bench for greeting guests and keeping the wood floors free of outside debris.

Decorating your home with the right area rug shouldn't be stressful. We pride ourselves on designing washable rugs to suit every taste, size, and color palette. Come visit us to view more creative styles from our 2022 collection!