A room with hard wood floors, a My Magic Carpet white shag rug, console block shelving, a vintage plastic and wood chair next to a tree.

Who Is the Magic Behind the Shag Rug?

As the mother of a young son, My Magic Carpet co-founder Monica Dallyn understands firsthand how difficult maintaining clean, germ-free floors can be. "There are up to 200,000 bacteria per square inch living in most rugs. Vacuuming and beating them with a broom will do little, if anything, to combat the bacteria," says Dallyn.


Monica Dallyn co-founder of My Magic Carpet machine washable rugs sitting on a white shag rug.


Area rugs are a wonderful asset to have in any home for floor protection, noise absorption, and adding warmth while completing the look of a room. The only downside is cleaning area rugs can be costly, anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on size, and for a family with pets, kids, and heavy foot traffic, that can become a hefty monthly bill.

In need of a magical solution, Monica, a woman with an entrepreneurial spirit, co-founded My Magic Carpet at the end of 2020. The machine-washable, stain-resistant area rug. Monica's goal was to deliver an easy-to-care-for rug with high-end style in a collection of patterns and colors to busy homes.

Living room with two green chairs, a wood coffee table on a white circular shag rug and a fireplace

One year later, My Magic Carpet is a staple in many homes around the country. To mark the milestone and ring in 2022, Dallyn reintroduced a classic carpet from the 1960s and 70s, the shag rug. The new shag rug has all the characteristics and functionality of a My Magic Carpet washable rug.

The fashionably furry shag comes in 3x5, 5x7, and a fun round 6x6. Along with your pet, this luxurious plush rug will be your go-to snuggle buddy on a cold rainy movie night and floor saver when there's a spill.

Staying in line with Monica's vision, washing this rug is easy and cost-efficient. Just spot clean the spill area, then pick up the carpet and throw it in your washer right at home. No commercial washer or dry cleaning is needed!

Keep your home on trend, bacteria, and dust-free with a new shag rug or any other My Magic Carpet colorful patterns.