Washable Shag Rugs


Introducing our luxurious cozy-chic and washable shag rug. The perfect shag rug for parties, people, and power naps. So go ahead, eat, play, snuggle, wash and repeat as desired!

White Washable Shag Rug
Round White Washable Shag Rug

Why My Magic Carpet

Machine Wash and Dryable

Our rugs are durable yet lightweight and fit perfectly in any standard-sized washer and dryer, so you can kiss germs and allergens goodbye.

Nonslip Backing

The patent-pending nonslip backing to our one-piece rug is safe on all vinyl, hardwood, tile, or laminate surfaces, so no extra purchases are required!

Stain Resistant

Our rugs are stain-resistant, so when you see a spill or accident, simply spot treat and wash as soon as possible.

Waterproof Lining

The waterproof barrier helps stop pet accidents and household spills from seeping through and protecting your floors.

A Little Spill On The Shag?

We got you covered.

  1. SPOT CLEAN: Immediately spot clean all spills with a towel to soak up liquids to keep them from setting in.

  2. WASH: Machine wash after spot clean separately in any conventional washer in cold water on a delicate cycle using mild detergent. Do not use bleach. (Optional) You can add your favorite fabric softener to remove wrinkles if needed.

  3. DRY: Dry on low-heat or air dry. Avoid high heat settings and remove promptly to avoid creases. Do not use an iron.