Living room couch by a window with a shag rug under a coffee table with candles.

Happy Holidays and Thank You from My Magic Carpet

There's something incredibly satisfying about putting up the last finishing touches on your Christmas tree, stepping back, and admiring your work.
After all that hard work, you finally have something beautiful to show for it, something merry and hopeful that'll stand tall and bright for the rest of the year.

This year was challenging for us all, which is why making the most of this Christmas season is a priority. Dig in and eat the turkey with EXTRA gravy and all the trimmings, and bake your favorite cookies to share with your family and friends.

As you spend time with your loved ones this holiday season, let the My Magic Carpet family be there for you through every party, dinner, gathering, and get-together. We pride ourselves on being a family-friendly brand.

My Magic Carpet Ramage Indigo
Ramage Indigo Washable Rug                         

We're proud to say we've been in business a little over a year. Getting off the ground in the middle of a pandemic was not easy. That's why we're incredibly grateful to our faithful customers for helping us get off the ground and into their homes this year. Because helping you clean up messes is what we do best.

Let our collection of non-slip, washable rugs be the perfect addition to your decor during this season and help you enjoy every moment of the holidays, no matter how many spills and pet accidents life throws your way.

Every day, we research the latest trends to design new work hard to colors and patterns to add to our collections. As a special treat, we've launched our version of a new, luxurious snowy white shag rug just in time for the holidays.

Like our other colorful rugs that you've come to know and love, the ultra-cozy washable shag rug also comes with a non-slip back, perfect for homes with active children and pets. When a stain happens, don't worry! Take a damp cloth, spot clean, and throw it in the wash. It's as simple as that!

Our shag rug comes in two shapes to meet your styling preferences. The rectangle is available in a 3'x5'and 5'x7' and the circle in a perfect 6'x6'. High pile fibers give this rug a soft to the touch lush feel. Go on and curl up next to the dog or cat when you need a recharging afternoon nap or nuzzle your toes in luxury as you sit by the file.

Rustic, traditional, or contemporary decor blends flawlessly with the neutral color palette and warm aesthetic. This magical carpet brightens up dark spaces and tones down rooms with too much dramatic color. It can also soften minimalist modern stylings with hard edges.

There are plenty of ways to style each of our shag rugs. You can easily style the circular carpet between a couch and an armchair for a cozy vibe. The square carpet fits nicely under most coffees and adds a contemporary flair to a traditionally designed master bedroom.

We genuinely hope you enjoy your My Magic Carpet Washable Rugs and continue trusting in us to decorate your home and keep your floors like new.