cream colored shag rug with wicker trunk coffee table, wicker side table, hard wood floors, a tan colored couch with throw pillows three wood book cases placed around the room and a papasan chair.

Your Snuggly New Vegan Certified Shag Rug has Arrived!

Interior designers tout the value of tasteful, washable area rugs as their home decor staple for modern styles and ease of maintaining. My Magic Carpet continually explores ways to grow our brand and products into the household name in washable rugs. When deciding on the best decor for your home, you want functional, safe, lasting home decor with a stylish flair that adds warmth and beauty.

With that said, you are our family, and we greatly value your opinions and take your needs to heart. We know that you, our loyal customers, work hard, lead busy lives, and are devoted to family, including loving pets.

Square cream colored shag rug in a room with hardwood floors a brown leather chair, decorative pouf and standing plant holder.
After reviewing trending decor and customer requests, we enthusiastically released our version of the 1960s & 70s classic shag rug at the end of 2021. This luxuriously fluffy vintage-style carpet is available in cream-colored 3x5 and 5x7 rectangles and a perfect 6x6 circle designed to fit existing decor in different shapes and sized rooms.

Now here's the most fantastic fact about the shag; as of February 4, 2022, our plush washable shag rug was certified vegan by Vegan Action, the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that works to abolish animal suffering through experimentation and product testing. For most of us, a home simply isn't a home without a cuddly buddy to greet us at the door. So we, too, LOVE and value the well-being of all animals.

Certified vegan
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You can feel secure knowing that we complete manufacturing for the shag rug without the use of animal testing, animal products, by-products, or animal-derived GMOs or genes. Each washable shag rug contains a faux fur pelt made of high pile polyester with a non-stick, non-slip backing perfect for high traffic areas with running children and pets.

What are some of the ways we style our shag rugs? Incorporating the round shag rug into a smaller room can open up the space to make it feel more oversized and soft by reducing sharp edges. The circular shape draws the eye's attention and acts as a room's cohesive focal point. Layering partially under a comfy armchair or a mid-century modern coffee table gives added dimension.

Round cream colored shag rug on hard wood floors next to a couch with pillows, candles and a wicker plant holder with plant.

A 3x5 shag works wonders in an entryway as an elevation piece that presents your home to guests. Another way to create a cozy vibe is to place the carpet on hardwood floors next to a bed for those cold mornings. Lay under an easel mirror for visual depth in the corner of a den, bedroom, or living.

Tie your living room or dining room together with the 5x7 shag. You can do this in two ways. Put a dining room table or coffee table squarely on the rug with an even amount of carpet around the perimeter to create balance. Or do a reverse by placing the carpeting in the middle of the room with pieces of furniture touching the rug's edges for a fanning effect.

Don't just follow our suggestions. Of course, be bold with color while blending into unusual style designs. Express your creative side, feeling confident that you also improved an animal's life.