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Realtors, Discover A Great Way To Express Client Appreciation

People buy homes with a wide range of family dynamics for different reasons. For example, the newlyweds who want to start a family as soon as possible need a home with ample space for a nursery, or the former renter who's decided they would like to live in the house and rent out a room or two as an extra revenue stream. 

Ramage grey washable rug with two wood containers sitting on it

Ramage Grey Washable Rug

As a realtor, potential home buyers trust you with their financial information and personal details about their lives. They build a relationship with you. There are lots of ways to express your appreciation to your customers and, in return, earn their loyalty for future home purchases and referrals.

Right now, My Magic Carpet has teamed up with Realtor.com to offer the ever-coveted My Magic Carpet gift cards at 25% off exclusively to real estate pros at Realtor.com. All you have to do is use code 25REALTOR at checkout, and you automatically get 25% off your gift card. That means a $100 Gift Card is now $75, $250 is $187, and $500 is just $375!!

Man and women hugging each other on a carpet by a window with boxes.

Ramage Indigo Washable Rug

With this gift card, you can help your clients get a head start on their new home decor projects with a few washable rugs perfect for every style home and every size family from My Magic Carpet. 

Buying a home is a big deal and one of the most expensive investments we can make in life. Hiring the right realtor who has their client's best interest in mind and shows genuine support for their clients before and after purchasing their dream home is invaluable. 

Dog sitting on the Leilani Damask Ivory Washable rug next to a chair and a basket in the back

Leilani Damask Ivory Rug

Your clients will remember the little things you did for them, like congratulating them with a My Magic Carpet Gift Card, throughout the whole house buying endeavor and will reach out to you when it's time for a vacation home or Airbnb.