Tips on Ways to Create a Warm Winter Home

Tips on Ways to Create a Warm Winter Home

The official start of Winter is Tuesday, December 21, but the creeping cold air has already begun. Our homes are pretty cozy right now, decked out in holiday decor, colorful lights, gloriously scented candles in cedar fir, or sugar cookies, and our families near and far have come to visit.

Winter candles and pinecones

After we take down festive decor, our loved ones go back home, and the New Year passes, long days of chilly, grey winter months persist until mid-March, when the first signs of spring begin to emerge. What can we do to breathe warmth back into our homes and stave off the feelings of emptiness for the remainder of the winter?

Well, we can't fly your Great Aunt and Uncle in from Fargo, but we can give you tips on ways to bring back that snuggly feel from holidays past. People from Nordic countries value wellness and practice the lifestyle concept of Hygge  or give courage, comfort, and joy by starting with their homes. We'll give you some decor tips that help ease the doldrums to make you feel comforted and happy.

Lots of Texture

Moroccan Trellis Grey Rug
Winter Texture






Curling up alone, with a pet or someone else in a thick, luxuriously warm blanket when it's raining or snowing, produces a feeling of security. Want to get serious and take it a step further?

To create a true sanctuary of snug, pile on the texture by layering blankets, pillows, and area rugs to keep your toes toasty against the cold floors. Make it such that no one has to go very far to reach for a blanket or throw pillow anywhere in the house.

Lights & Candles


Candles are household staples. They reach our senses by giving off a calm flickering glow and aromas that draw us back to a favorite time and place. All you have to do is find a brand you love, change up colors and smell by season, and voila! Your house smells like an orange grove in summer and a Christmas Tree farm in the winter.

Usual holiday lights come in multiple colors or have animated dripping effects. Keeping these up longer than necessary may appear more tacky than decorative and inviting. Hang strings of yellow or soft white lights that emanate soothing luminescence great for meditating and winding down.

Natural Accents

Pussy Willows

Nature gifts us with an array of beautiful options to use for our home decor. Poinsettias are lovely, bold-colored plants, popular this time of year, but we're looking for pieces that will subtly emphasize our space by infusing different textures.

Bring winter indoors minus the ice and snow with pussy willow branches, pinecones, or spruce-fir centerpieces to hang on walls and lay on dining room tables and coffee trays. With each natural object, you get the refreshing smells of the outdoors.

Cozy Colors

Cozy Colors

We adore bright hues, light pinks, and yellow, but we associate them with spring bounty, not comforting winter tones. When sitting by a fire dressed in PJ's, heavy socks, as we sip cocoa, visions of neutral browns, navy blue, dark green, and fluffy white dance through our heads. Finish your comforting space with plaid flannel blankets, ivory and cream washable area rugs, and pops of color in pillows, chairs, and lamps.

Discover the best way for you to embrace winter and heal your soul through nature and your home's decor. Even the slightest alterations can be uplifting have significant effects.