Your Santa Approved Holiday Gift Guide to Magically Colorful Carpets

Your Santa Approved Holiday Gift Guide to Magically Colorful Carpets

We're featuring a gift guide series on styling concepts to consider when purchasing an area rug for a holiday gift as part of the holiday preparations. So far, we've presented some nifty ideas on shopping by room and according to your person's unique tastes and style.

Next, let's look at some rugs that feature one overarching color and how each shade can change a room spatially. Is the goal to have the carpet as the focal point, or should surrounding accent decor take center stage?

Ivory & Cream

Leilani Damask Ivory Washable RugLeilani Damask Ivory Washable Rug

White or off-white area rugs with delicate patterns radiate opulence, no question. But, how does one style a white or cream carpet and keep it from turning an unwanted shade of grey?

Most of you may already know, but our rugs are washable. Just a quick spot clean and a cycle in the wash will do the trick! We get it. You want your white rug to stay white. With that said, we think light-hued carpeting works best in living rooms, dining rooms, the master, and guest bedrooms.

Introducing ivory-toned rugs to existing decor arrangements can work in two ways: lighten up a darker toned room, and the second is to help brighter decor become the focus of the room. As a foundation for styling, a cream rug placed with larger pieces of furniture will effortlessly give your room the appearance of more space.


Medina Moroccan Diamond Grey Washable RugMedina Moroccan Diamond Grey Washable Rug

When purchasing a grey area rug, decide what shade is most suitable, from light to dark, patterned or not, for the receiver and what it needs to accomplish from a design perspective.

Adding a dark grey rug to a room with lighter furnishings and accent pieces will make a room feel larger. This fun yet deceptive tool works great for smaller spaces.

The process of carefully blending various shades of heathered or solid grey can produce a well-manicured, cohesively styled room, like the above lifestyle image featuring our Medina Moroccan Diamond Grey Washable Rug.

Blue & Green 

Leilani Damask Blue Washable Rug

We adore boldly colored area rugs but understand the overwhelming struggle of making such a vibrant carpet "fit in" with current furniture or attempting to build a complimentary space around the rug. To buy a colorful rug as a present is a challenge that requires taking notes on the targeted room ahead of time.

A great example is observing your friend's room bathed in layers of neutral tones and gifting them a rug with a nice cool blue & green combo that can gently break the monotony with a fresh burst of color. You can help them by adding an appealing balance to their decor. 

Red can be a surprisingly enticing and easy color to work with. So long as you're taking care to preserve visual harmony by matching prevailing red notes in the room with the new rug. The last thing you want to do is send the style flow of an otherwise lovely room askew.

Our  Ramage Maroon Washable Rug above comes in a predominantly red  traditional floral pattern ideal for all decor designs. Try to avoid choosing an area rug randomly. Work to blend the carpet color with other tones in decor or furniture before committing to a color or pattern.

Over the past couple of years, people have learned to appreciate being home all that their homes have to offer. Giving a washable area rug for the holidays in trend-setting motifs only reinforces the importance of having a comfortable living space.