Image of a balcony over looking the ocean and pumpkins stacked in the corner of a house.

The Best Carpets to Transition from Summer to Fall

Another summer is coming to a close, though it doesn't seem so with warm temperatures still lingering over most of the country. However, soon enough, cold air, falling leaves, and less sunlight will become a natural part of life once again.

Making subtle alterations to your home decor in sync with the seasonal transition can ease the end of the summer blues. Being machine washable rug enthusiasts, we recommend incorporating a few rugs in your space or switching out existing rugs for new refreshing ones. This small but significant gesture produces a marked difference in a room's underlying mood, depth, and warmth.

Solid colors, textured like shag or patterned rugs, tie a room and the rest of its elements together. Consider a room's decor style, size, and positioning of the carpets when building a look.

Modern Dining Room

Accent a modern dining room minimally furnished, only using a few interesting pieces with an area rug that contains swaths of overlapping muted colors. The infusion of color fills the room with brightness and softens the hard edges of wood tables and large credenzas or cabinets. During seasons with less sunlight, pops of color can improve a person's well-being.

How much floor space you have will determine the placement of an area rug in a dining room. If you have a small room with a centrally positioned table and chairs, place the carpet under the table with the edges framing the table. Placing the rug under the table will unify the whole space, furnishings, and decor.

If you have a room that has some extra square footage, place the rug off to the side of the table to add depth and some coziness to the room. It's a shame to let all that good space go to waste!

Transitional Kitchen
Image of a stone tiled kitchen with white drawers, black appliances, wood floors and a teal runner rug.
The transitional decor style is a nice blend of all the best features of modern and traditional decor. For example, a transitional kitchen may have hardwood floors, stone walls, and all modern appliances in black and white.

Let's roll out a teal-hued runner rug with a white trellis pattern to shake things up. The runner fits well in narrow kitchens or between a cooking island and the kitchen sink. The teal hue works wonders in breaking up the neutral, black, and white monotony.

Kitchens are not necessarily the first place one thinks to put an area rug, but with a washable rug, the options are limitless.

Traditional Living Room
Some of us appreciate the ever dependable tried and true traditional home decor styles. Simple, comfortable couches, a mirror above the mantel, a few solid color throw pillows, a cozy fireplace, and practical, durable furniture thoughtfully paired with lamps and wall art.

Incorporate a large area rug in metal hues like gold or silver blended with neutral tones or black with furniture placed around the periphery. The rug pulls the room together like a ribbon tying a present together, and you end up with one attractive complete look.

Adding a colorful rug can work as well. Just be mindful of matching one or two of the colors to other room decors. You want to avoid introducing a carpet that appears entirely out of place.

Boho Sitting Area

Image of a sitting area of a room with a metal table, frech windows, long curtain a pendant light, two poufs,

Quaint boho sitting areas are the place to go for rest and relaxation. Carve out some space for yourself if a tiny corner of the home is not in use, preferably by a big window. Grab a pouf or two, a little decorative end table, a rustic table or pendant lamp, and an area rug that looks like you're sitting by the sea. And breathe.

Decorate with light, flowing patterned curtains and an eclectic collection of pieces that have a history with sentimental value. The rug serves as an extra floor seating or spot for taking a break from life for a moment.

Global Rustic Living Room/Dining Room
The telltale characteristics of a cozy global rustic living room are built-in wood fixtures, including exposed ceiling beams, window frames, staircases, and fireplace mantels.

It's the accent pieces collected from other countries, paintings depicting a past life in a remote village, woven blankets or area rugs with geometric or ancient prints, statues, or anything representing the variations in crafts on our planet.

We offer tips to help structure your decorating process, but it's your home; we say embrace design with flexibility and an open mind. What may look "too much" or boring to someone else may be perfectly suitable for your home.