Photo of  a smiling dog named Rocky on a blue background and the title A Day in the Life of A Dirty Dog.

A Day in the Life of a Dirty Dog

As loving pet owners, we know how much work goes into keeping the house clean and odor free from pet fur, potty training accidents, and mud splotches all over the floors.

Luckily, My Magic Carpet's washable rug answers all the above pet owner obstacles. Our washable rug, designed to fit perfectly in a household washer and dryer, is made of non-allergenic 100% stain-resistant microfiber polyester with a waterproof inner liner and a safe non-slip backing. So don't fret over Fluffy's occasional mishaps!

And while on the subject of smelly pets, we've often wondered what a playful dirty dog's average day is like and how it feels to walk in their paws. We can only guess from watching their funny, quirky behaviors as to what they're thinking about and why they love to get so messy! 

In light of our Dirty Dog Contest 2022, we thought it would be fun to follow and document the activities of one dog throughout his day. Let's call him Doug.    


It's 5 am on a Wednesday, and Doug is wide awake, zooming through the house with his stuffed ladybug and yelling! He looks pretty excited to greet the new day. He wants everyone up to join him!

Oh, Dougy, we love you so much, but please, give us some time to open our eyes and wake up!


Parviz Grey washable rug

Time for Doug’s breakfast. We've put together a tasty meal of chicken kibble with half a hard-boiled egg. Doug can hear an egg crack three blocks away! Eggs are his favorite meal. 

People get hungry and devour their food, but Doug over here is on a whole other level! Doug inhales his breakfast and looks up with his soulful brown eyes as if to say, "ummmm, I believe it's time for walkies??? Yes, puppy, we're on it! 

Morning Walk to Potty with Friends

Doug has his harness and leash on, leaping towards the door with us in tow. The first walk of the day is an exciting time for our boy, with so many fresh smells after the morning dew. Doug is good-natured and loves to see friends, both dog and human. He knows "friend" and looks around when he hears the word to see who's coming. 

After Doug finishes his potty duties and sees his friends Jenny (person) and Ruby (dog), we take a small pack walk for a few minutes with Ruby and a few other canine buds. Walk time is good for Doug as it allows him to release energy, exercise, and interact socially while keeping his mind busy. 


Dougy did so well on his walk. he earned a piece of one of his most special beef jerky treats. Good job, Doug!!!

 Mid-morning Nap on Favorite Rug

Woman with dog laying on a round area rug in an entryway.

Leilani Damask Ivory washable rug

It's around 9:30 am, and we're getting ready to work from our home office. It's a cozy little space, and Doug has his own My Magic Carpet shag rug. He loves to take his mid-morning naps on it, and we love it because we can throw it in the wash if this little boy gets food or slobber on it. 

Doug loves to feel like he's a part of video calls and phone conversations, even when he's snoozing.


Mr. Dougy sprung up randomly from his comfy shag rug with all the energy of a pup. Can you guess what he wants? TREATS, of course! He gets a small carrot for his after-nap snack. Doug enjoys crunching the carrot, which is good for his teeth. Raw carrots help remove plaque.

Time for a Roll in the Grass

You can't keep a happy, full-of-life dog inside all day, but it's raining today. Rain + grass + dirt = stinky, muddy, Dougy. To help Doug live his best life, we have two more My Magic Carpet rugs, one runner at the back door entryway, and one round rug in the living room. 

Upon us opening the door to the yard, this silly boy almost knocked us over to get outside! The rain isn't slowing him down any, and he's begging us to throw his stick, which is bigger than he is. Doug is now downright filthy and wet, with grass particles stuck to his fur. 

We've trained Doug to come into the back door, wait for us to dry him off a bit, and stick to the carpeted areas after his daily roll around in the grass and, today, mud. 


Woman and a dog eating a rawhide sit on a floral area rug in a mostly white living room.

Ramage Blue washable rug

In the late afternoon, Doug gets about 4-5 small training treats that we hide around the house for him to find. Doug knows that he has to work for these treats, and it keeps him active before he takes an eh-hem "cat nap." Doug’s not a fan of the cat word. 


His tummy suddenly wakes him up from a rainy day snooze. It's dinner time! Doug doesn't get kibble for dinner, but a little chicken and rice in his decorative dinner bowl, which he enjoys with some fresh cold water. 

Need Another Walk

It's getting dark outside, which is when other animals, like coyotes, go on the hunt. Doug likes to protect us from strangers by barking, but this is our time to protect him. We ensure that Doug's harness and leash are securely fastened as we keep our buddy close to our side. 

Because it rained earlier, Doug has dirty feet again. Our front door entryway also has a lovely decorative runner for Doug to sit on while we wipe off his paws. We love our washable carpets and that Doug loves them and knows they are for him too.  


Everyone's starting to get tired. The skies have cleared, and we're enjoying a cup of hot chocolate by the backyard fire pit. Doug has snuggled in next to us, waiting for us to go to bed so he can fall asleep. Doug gives us a little nudge and a lick on the cheek to say that he's had an eventful day and needs his rest to be ready to wake us up at 5 am to do it all over again. 

Dogs may love to run around our homes after a full-on mud bath, but we wouldn't have it any other way, especially when My Magic Carpet washable rugs are available to save the day!


Three dogs, Apollo, Kobe and Tess dirty and then clean sitting on their area rugs with our reigning champs before and after on their rugs from my magic carpet.