Header showing Child standing on a soldiers boots on a My Magic Carpet washable rug

Celebrate Veterans Day with My Magic Carpet’s Top Five Rugs

Today, Veterans Day, we commemorate individuals, past and present, who bravely served our country during peacetime and war. We decorate our homes with flags, streamers, and bows in red, white, and blue as a way to express thanks to our soldiers.

Happy Veterans Day

Taking this special day to celebrate our Veterans and what they've accomplished unites us as small communities and a nation. It's a day to recognize all we have because of our service people's hard work and generosity.

As an American company, we celebrate this country and our Veterans by taking pride in designing products that look good, work well for our customer's needs, and last year after year. High-Quality craftsmanship is essential to the American value system.

To show how grateful we are for our customer support and Veterans, we would like to share our top 5 best-selling washable rugs with you. We hope this sparks a creative styling moment and works as a tie-breaker for those of you who can't decide on a color or pattern.

Ramage Maroon Washable Rug

No. 5 Ramage Maroon Washable Rug

No surprise that this ornate floral pattern of methodically blended red tones, hints of green, navy blue, and white made the top five. Styling a room with this beauty is as easy as making toast.

Can you see this in your master bedroom? We can pair with some light brown embossed floating shelves, a cream-colored comforter, dark blue bedsheets with delicate florals, and a gold-framed round mirror.

Solid Grey Washable Rug

 No. 4 Solid Grey Washable Rug

Number 4 is none other than a proven timeless classic, the natural-lined grey rug. We can match the color grey with literally any color on the planet. Dress this hue up by building a world of interchangeable tones around it or keep it simple, mixed with black and white.

Don't be tricked by the name "sunroom." It's a room surrounded by glass to allow the sun's rays to flow through freely. But on a cloudy day in Winter, that gorgeous sunroom can get downright cold! Lay our solid grey rug near the wood-burning stove and love seat to keep your feet from touching the chilly floor.

Ottoman Turquoise Washable Rug

No. 3 Ottoman Turquoise Washable Rug

This traditional style rug offers a distressed-vintage vibe with pops of turquoise and bright oranges on a primary palette of neutrals. The intricate pattern is a visual stunner.

Brighten up a dining room set comprised of lighter wood like red oak or birch wood with this decorative rug. Place between the main table and China cabinet or under the table. To accent the carpet, adding a couple of handblown glass vases in orange and turquoise to the decor can make the colors explode.

Leilani Damask Ivory Washable Rug

No. 2 Leilani Damask Ivory Washable Rug

The areas of subtle timeworn fading make this gold and silver motif carpet a favorite among antiquers and stylists. Damask patterned fabrics date back as early as the Middle Ages and are suitable to fit in with many modern-day fashions.

We chose the living room for The Leilani Damask Ivory area rug. When you're seeking understated elegance, lay over a natural wood flooring by a fireplace mantel for ambiance. It would go best paired with neutral tones. However, we also recommend playing with color.

Floral Bloom Multicolor Washable Rug

No. 1 Floral Bloom Multicolor Washable Rug

The people have spoken, and the rug with all of the colors is number 1. Happy, brilliant florals in blue to green, purple, yellow, and red, this rug can turn any blah decor into ahhhh decor.

Finish your kitchen remodel with a washable rug that looks good with any cabinet style and most flooring material. Spot clean spaghetti sauce drips, and don't worry about water or soda spills ruining your floors. Throw in the wash and use again!

We hope your brain is swimming with ideas for your next rug purchase. Once again, happy Veterans Day and happy decorating!