Header showing a muddy dog sitting on a striped My Magic Carpet Washable rug.

Who Doesn't Love a Dirty Dog?

What do washable rugs and dogs have in common? Dogs get dirty, and My Magic Carpet area rugs can just be tossed in the wash if soiled to keep your hardwood, laminate, or whatever kind of floors you have from liquid damage and muck.

In October, we decided to host a month-long, super fun, Dirty Dog contest to celebrate our dog customers, human parents, and animal rescues. Animal rescues house lots of dogs, many of whom have lived in unsafe situations or on the streets. A few of these pups are learning how to "dog" for the first time, and boy, are they messy!

The main goals behind this exciting contest were to choose a mascot that best represents us, call attention to animal rescues' great work, and show our continuous commitment to our customers.

The Dirty Dog Contest

Choosing a mascot for any brand is no easy task with such a large volume of adorable candidates. We thought it would be best to take a democratic approach and let our audience decide!

We asked our loyal customers to take photos or videos of their precious pooches in action, running through streams, rolling in grass and mud, or taking a well-deserved break after a day of play. We even received pics of a rabbit or two!

Starting October 1st, contestants uploaded their darling images to the My Magic Carpet site. The public was encouraged to vote their hearts out until 11:59 on October 31st, and we selected on November 1st. Over 300 pups participated! Were we blown away!

The Prizes

Our playful doggy contestants and loving owners worked hard to win, so we wanted to ensure they received a handsome reward for their efforts! After several hours of discussions, we all agreed on the prizes:

  • The first-place winner, mascot, and most Dirty Dog received $1000 in cash and a $500 credit at My Magic carpet, which will probably go towards purchasing more washable rugs to soil!

  • The second-place winner, and so cute with a muddy muzzle, received $500 in cash and a $250 credit at My Magic Carpet to buy a rug that matches their favorite bed.

  • The third-place winner with sweet eyes received a fantastic cash prize of $250 and a $150 credit at My Magic Carpet for a yet to be determined patterned rug, we think. 

     The Winners & Honorable Mention

    Throughout October, we learned one main lesson. People LOVE dogs! The number of people who showed up to vote was just as overwhelming as the number of participants! We thank you for making this contest so enjoyable!

    Of course, who can pick just three pups? Ten honorable mentions also shared a moment in the spotlight. Without any further delay, may we introduce our winners and noteworthy honorable mentions:

    My Magic Carpet Dirty Dog 1st Place Winner

    My Magic Carpet 2nd and 3rd Place Winners



     My Magic Carpet Dirty Dog Contest Honorable Mention

    We hope everyone had as much fun looking through all the precious video clips and photos as we did, and thank you again for being part of the My Magic Carpet washable rug family!