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It's Time For The My Magic Carpet Black Friday Gift Guide

Black Friday is almost here, and you have no idea what to get anyone. Your mind has gone completely blank, not even a tumbleweed in view. It's ok, take a breath and read on!

Holiday shopping is undoubtedly overwhelming, especially if you plan to shop in person at a crowded mall. Before taking off on your shopping excursion, scour the web for some ideas and online deals. Then take a few minutes to write out a list of people you need to shop for and a gift option based on their personality and things they like to do.

We came up with our 2021 My Magic Carpet Black Friday Gift Guide based on some of the unique people in our lives and thought about what color or patterned rug they would choose and how they would style the carpet in their homes.

The World Traveler

Chelsea Tribal Aztec Dark Grey Washable Rug

Chelsea Tribal Aztec Grey Washable Rug

The world traveler has gone beyond over the hills and threw the woods to grandmother's house. They enjoy visiting the most remote locations, like Easter Island or Tasmania, to learn about the culture and history of each place. Tokens and regional handicrafts fill their walls and shelves.

Several rugs in our diverse collection could fit this person's worldly preferences, but we're choosing the Chelsea Tribal Aztec in a rich dark grey with a white ornamental pattern. This particular rug will accent and complement many color palettes and eclectic room styles. 

The Energetic Teen

Waves Ocean Blue Washable Rug

Waves Ocean Blue Washable Rug

When kids hit their teen years, they do this thing where they retreat to the bedroom and listen to loud music anytime they're at home. Our vibrant teenager's bedroom is now a sacred place in the house decorated with pics of friends, bands, and sporting awards.

The Waves Ocean Blue rug with a harmonious arrangement of pastel blue, lavender, green, and light grey will create a soothing atmosphere for focusing on studies and relaxation. 

The Artisan

Moroccan Trellis Grey Washable Rug

 Moroccan Trellis Grey Washable Rug

But really, what do you get for this person? You can typically find the Artisan involved in a complicated DIY project, like making hand-carved holiday ornaments, building a table out of raw wood, or adding an extra room onto the house while baking bread. But they don't weave their own rugs!

It was vital for us to choose a rug with a classic pattern that seamlessly blends in and allows this person's one-of-a-kind creations to stand out as the focal point of a room. Our sophisticated white and dark grey Moroccan Trellis washable rug offers desired neutral versatility.

The Green Thumb

Leilani Damask Blue Washable Rug

Leilani Damask Blue Washable Rug

Oxygen levels dramatically increase when entering the Green Thumb's home. "Plants are People too" hangs on a living room wall, and a nearby bookcase holds a Ph.D.'s worth of books on how to care for all of the greenery in the world.

Initially, we decided on a solid carpet for the successful yet amateur botanist. And then we set our sights on the Leilani Damask rug in a bright blue with yellow accents. The floral motif positioned in the middle of a blanket of green just flowed so beautifully together.

The Parent

Solid Espresso Washable Rug

Solid Espresso Washable Rug

Shopping for parents with small and pre-teen children is not so challenging. Getting a gift that makes keeping up with the kids and cleaning less of a chore will earn you angel wings! Kids are cute and lovable, but they can be messy!

Let's not get them a fancy colorful rug that requires styling skills and thought. A solid espresso-colored carpet that works in high traffics areas is what they need. Spills and accidents are inevitable in a house with lots of kids and pets. We at least help the happy, tired couple save their floors!

See if you stop for a minute, think about how interesting the people on your list are, holiday shopping isn't so bad.