Why Do the Rvgeeks Love My Magic Carpet for Their Caravans?

Why Do the Rvgeeks Love My Magic Carpet for Their Caravans?

The RVGeeks

Back in 2003, Peter Knize and John Sullivan embarked on a full-time RV living journey to see the sights of North America. Not technicians or mechanics by trade, this duo has learned enough about RVs to maintain their own rig and offer DIY tips for servicing and functional decorating to other RVers through their famous YouTube channel RVGeeks.

In the mid-aughts, RVs came equipped with wall-to-wall carpeting, the go-to style at the time. Not very practical for small spaces, with spot cleaning as the only option for treating soiled areas. Peter and John know first hand that if not changed or cleaned regularly, carpeting holds in dust and dirt that can lead to allergies.

Ottoman Natural Washable RugOttoman Natural Washable Rug

Since then, RVs designs have improved and come with laminate, vinyl, or tile flooring for easier maintenance. However, this type of flooring can hold in the cold during winter. Stepping out of bed barefooted onto freezing tile is not the best way to start the day.

Through trials of various flooring, areas rugs, and living through the wall to wall carpeting craze, The RVGeeks found the ideal solution to strike a balance of needing warmth, protection for flooring, and keeping your RV allergen and stain free. They discovered an area rug that comes in different sizes, 3x5, 5x7, and runners, is washable, stain-resistant fits in an RV-sized washer, and comes in appealing colors and patterns.

Why My Magic Carpet?

Patchwork Multicolor Washable RugPatchwork Multicolor Washable Rug

 "It's a simple, affordable way to improve the ambiance of your RV's living space by adding warm. colorful accents. And there's no easier and more practical way to keep your rig clean and comfortable" - The RVGeeks

With younger people still in the workforce currently finding it more difficult to afford homes and retirees trading in their homes, the RV way of life is rapidly becoming a more attractive option over stand-alone home ownership or apartment dwelling. Living in an RV full-time, including rent on a site, is generally cheaper.

Those who invest in an RV as a home will have children or grandchildren, adopt pets, both of whom are notoriously messy, and spend time outdoors, exactly like their single home-owning counterparts. Having a clean but homey and stylish space is essential. A My Magic Carpet washable rug can also help absorb loud noises like a barking dog, children shouting, and loud music.

For the RVers

Ochre Ikat Steel Blue Washable RugOchre Ikat Steel Blue Washable Rug

RVers, affectionately coined by Peter and John, are people who require a specific level of amenities with no desire to stay in place for overly long periods, as the road ahead is calling. They have a strong love of travel and usually spend a lot of time outdoors, which increases the chances of the outdoors coming indoors.

After a long hike in the mountains or berry picking in the forest, leaves, bits of mud, and possibly tiny critters will stick to shoes, clothing, and even hair. You can leave shoes outside, but you'll likely still bringing something into the rig. Placing a runner in the narrow entryway can grab pieces of nature that fall to the floor. Just follow up with a quick vacuum to suck up the particles.

Not all RVers have brand new rigs. There is plenty of caravans furnished with carpeting. Suppose you have no plans on changing your carpeting for some other type of flooring and need your carpet to last a few more years. In that case, the RVGeeks recommend getting any sized My Magic Carpet rug and laying it over your carpeting, especially in places where you consume food and drinks.

If any spills occur, the rug will protect carpeting from stains. The washable rugs come outfitted with a waterproof lining that keeps liquids from leaking through to your floor. Can it get any better?? Now that you ask, Yes! Your rug will not shrink, fade or lose its shape after washing.

Recommended by RVGeeks For Children & Pets

Zahara Amber Washable RugZahara Amber Washable Rug

Children and pets are dynamic creatures that keep us endlessly on our toes. Similar to micro-tornados, they leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Small kids and pets have similar traits. They move around with careless abandon and often roll outside and have dirty feet, hands, and paws.

As previously discussed, My Magic Carpet washable rugs are easy to wash and stain-resistant. No muddy paw or toddler handprints will be left behind after a wash. Vacuum up dog and cat hair with little effort. Let them be their untidy little selves without the worry of mass destruction.

Tight spaces do not deter kids and pets from running at full speed. Not all area rugs stay in place, and it's reasonable to worry about your child running, the rug sliding, and your child getting injured. These rugs have a nonslip backing, so your rug will stay where you want it to stay, and it's safe for kids won't slide out from under a running five-year-old or dog.

My Magic Carpet washable rugs are affordable, easy to clean in a washer and dryer, and will keep your RV free of allergens, pet hair, and stains and are safe for little ones on the go. The RVGeeks ultimately chose My Magic Carpet for its practical durability and elegant decorative appeal.