Hero with the Puff Dotty Camel 5 x7 rug on a hard wood floor with the title My Magic Carpet x Genevieve Gorder: A fusion of Art and Innovation

My Magic Carpet x Genevieve Gorder: A Fusion of Art and Innovation

With over two decades of designing in front of the camera and behind, Genevieve Gorder has consistently pushed the boundaries of creativity and functionality. Her latest collaboration with My Magic Carpet is a testament to her commitment to solving real-world problems while infusing timeless elegance into everyday living spaces. 

With this first collection, Genevieve had a clear vision - to create a "foundation of classics" to build off of. She recognized a pressing need for rugs to withstand the high-traffic areas of life, especially in homes with pets and children. Cleaning gets expensive with traditional wool rugs, and life stains. Moving into the world of washable floor coverings felt necessary.  

Genevieve Gorder x My Magic Carpet intersections slate grey washable rug.

Intersections Slate Grey Washable Rug

Genevieve's approach to her line with My Magic Carpet is as thoughtful as it is innovative. She emphasizes clean, simple graphics that are timeless in style and forward with an ever-evolving color palette. Her rugs are versatile enough to work with a wide range of styles at home. She plays with shades of blush, camel, and mushroom neutrals, with sprinkles of emeralds, golds, or crisp navys, creating a sophisticated spectrum to choose from. 

What truly sets this collaboration with My Magic Carpet  apart is the technology behind these rugs. They are not just visually stunning but highly functional. "I fell in love with these rugs. They were one-piece, waterproof, soft, and gripped the floor without leaving a mark behind. I could wash AND dry them without wavy edges or trying to adjust them on a pad that never fits exactly right. I asked them if I could work with them and…here we are!"  

Genevieve Gorder x My Magic Carpet nordic weave petal pink washable rug in a living room.

Nordic Weave Petal Pink Washable Rug

One of Genevieve's guiding principles is a deep understanding of how we really live and where messes are most likely to occur in a home. Attuned to the needs of animals and people, she recognizes that the kitchen is often the epicenter of household dirt and spills. It's the heart of the house where foot traffic is high, and the potential for spilling everything happens.

Within the collection, the runners emerge as the unsung heroes. Runners are tailored to cover a specific area and bear the burden of heavy wear and tear in kitchens and hallways. The My Magic Carpet x Genevieve Gorder Collection runner rugs are designed to rise to the occasion, offering durability and style. 

Genevieve Gorder x My Magic Carpet Dash and Dot Indigo Washable Rug in a living room.
Dash and Dot Indigo Washable Rug

Gorder notes that 5x7 rugs are ideal for playrooms or and smaller living areas, providing a comfortable and stylish floor covering. They can also be layered on top of larger rugs, this is especially nice for homes with pets. For smaller areas like entryways or bedside placements, 3x5 rugs are the workhorses.

This designer collaboration with My Magic Carpet is a beautiful marriage of design expertise and technological innovation. Gorders rugs are more than just beautiful floor coverings; they are problem-solving solutions for modern homes.