How Genevieve Gorder Soared to become America's Joy-Spreading Design Star

How Genevieve Gorder Soared to become America's Joy-Spreading Design Star

We are excited to announce that My Magic Carpet washable rugs have joined creative forces with design expert Genevieve Gorder to build an exclusive collection of washable rugs in contemporary patterns.  

In celebration of our new collaboration, we would like to offer some fascinating tidbits about Genevieve's rise to one of America's most beloved interior designers. 

Genevieve Gorder has been a leading name in interior design for over 2 decades. Gorder has appeared and been featured in dozens of lifestyle shows around the world. Currently, you can find Genevieve on Netflix, HGTV, Bravo, TLC, Amazon and as a regular contributor on The Rachael Ray Show.

She brings her signature style rooted in mixing vintage finds with contemporary pieces to create personalized, livable spaces. Though she gained fame from her television appearances, Gorder sees herself first and foremost as a designer who aims to improve people's lives through their homes.

Gorder didn't start out wanting to be a designer. She initially pursued a degree in psychology while balancing odd jobs like house painting and set design. It was through these varied experiences that she uncovered her true passion.

After earning a degree in interior design, Gorder moved to New York to launch her career. She steadily built up her portfolio working for architectural firms before branching out into her own pursuits. Her big break came in the early 2000s when she was cast on the hit show Trading Spaces.

Gorder credits the show for kick starting her path to becoming a household name. "Trading Spaces allowed me to share my unique approach to design with others on a national scale," she remarked.

Through the years, Gorder has stayed true to her mission of using design to have a positive impact. She believes in working closely with her clients to craft spaces that reflect their needs and bring them happiness. This personalized approach has attracted an array of celebrity clients over the course of her career. 

The Genevieve Gorder for My Magic Carpet washable rugs Flock Camel 2.5x7 runner in a kitchen.
Flock Camel washable rug

"I've designed homes for all kinds of clients, from celebrities to families," said Gorder. "But the common thread is wanting to inspire joy and improve their quality of life."

Gorder also aims to make design more accessible through partnerships with various retailers. She believes style shouldn't be limited to the elite. "Everyone deserves a beautiful home no matter their budget," Gorder asserted. "I try to offer high-low design solutions so all my fans can take my inspiration and make it their own."

"I want to make homes beautiful, of course. But it's really about the psychology behind it - how design can make someone happier and more at ease," Gorder explained.

When she's not working on client projects, Gorder is busy growing her lifestyle brand and connecting with fans through her social media channels. She shares decor tips, behind-the-scenes peeks, and her insights on creating a fulfilling life.

"I believe in living authentically and finding beauty in imperfections," Gorder mused. "I try to inspire others to take risks, get creative, and design a lifestyle that sparks joy."

Genevieve Gorder making a bed.

With decades of experience, Genevieve Gorder has established herself as one of today's most recognizable and trusted personalities in interior design. But through it all, she stays grounded in her mission to employ design as a vehicle for spreading happiness. Her passion comes through in every project she undertakes and every piece of advice she shares. In Gorder's view, there's no greater reward than using her creative gifts to help people live well.

"A huge part of what I do is empower people to take small steps that make a big difference in their environment," Gorder explained. "It's about helping them see the potential of a space and making it their own."

"I found my true calling in design," Gorder reflected. "My goal is to keep creating homes that bring out the best in people - that's what success means to me."

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