How Much Do You Love Being Rewarded?

How Much Do You Love Being Rewarded?

Shopping for most things usually involves scanning the latest emails or perusing websites for current or up-in-coming tips on decor, styles, membership VIP deals, and big sales makes the task of purchasing anything more enjoyable and less financially concerning.

You have to admit, receiving an email on your latest rewards earnings is the best energy boost. Now you can purchase that item you've had your eye on for, almost guilt-free! It's an adrenaline rush.

We want to give you a brief background on our customer loyalty program and why we're so proud of it. So the next time you buy an area rug as a present or have a relentless urge to go on a shopping spree at My Magic Carpet, you'll remember what our customers mean to us.

Customer Appreciation

Medina Moroccan Diamond Grey Washable Rug

 Medina Moroccan Diamond Grey Washable Rug

As a company, we work diligently to identify and improve strategies that build customer relations and encourage brand loyalty. Developing a brand and company isn't just about having something people desire. It's also about providing a pleasant experience.

When a customer calls us or reaches out via email or website, the goal is to ease concerns or take in compliments about what we are doing right. Understanding our consumer's tastes, challenges, and what they hope to see from us in the future helps us grow on every level. We've come up with a way to show customers our appreciation.

Some VIP membership and discount programs are not straightforward and require consumers to count points or jump through elaborate hoops. Yes, people want deals, but why create a confusing process for both the shopper and company employees! The whole process should be enjoyable and seamless.

Rewards Program

Rewards Program

It's super easy to become a part of the My Magic Carpet family's rewards program. Just go to the rewards page at and click on "join." Here you can enter your first and last name, email, and password.

You'll start to receive emails from MMC about collections, seasonal updates, and fabulous sales. Next, sit back, relax and shop away! Look through our collection of accomodating sizes, colors, and patterns that work best with your decor. The more you buy, the more you earn.

The earnings breakdown is the following: for every 200 dollars or more, you get a 15 dollar credit. For every 300 or more, you earn a 25 dollar credit, and for every 500 dollars or more spent, you get a whopping 100 dollars! As if spending money isn't already a joy.

Ramage Indigo Washable RugRamage Indigo Washable Rug

When you're ready to redeem collected rewards dollars, go into your account and copy your credit code at the top of the rewards page under your balance or on the account page. Then paste your specific code into the Gift Card or Discount Code window at checkout. A second way is to log in to your account and click apply store credit on the cart page or at checkout.

As a bonus, feel free to redeem your earned rewards dollars at the same time as a sale discount code. And if you should have to return an item for some reason, you will not lose your credit.

We hope you love our program as much as we do and see you on the other side of the checkout!