The Secret Behind My Magic Carpet's Revolutionary Rugs

The Secret Behind My Magic Carpet's Revolutionary Rugs

There are plenty of options out on the market when it comes to choosing a new floor rug, mat, or runner.

Each brand boasts something different, from proprietary designs to eco-friendly and sustainable packaging and even patented technology, but what really matters, and what sets them apart? 

Essential features in a rug to one person may not matter all that much to another. Usually, people look for options that are easy to clean, stain-resistant, waterproof, and non-slip, but others may value design and fiber-content over these more practical things. 

This week we’ll be discussing what factors you need to keep in mind when shopping for a new rug or runner. Stick around as we dish on the most important things to think about while you browse the net for your next home decor purchase.


A lot of consumers are becoming more and more aware of the things they bring into their homes. 

Many people nowadays prefer to opt for non-allergenic or hypo-allergenic options for personal reasons, even going so far as to forgo items that are difficult or expensive to clean.

Whether for personal reasons or health-related ones, you may be paying closer attention than ever to what you purchase. If the whole eco-friendly and zero-waste boom has left you with more questions than answers, there are a few things you can look for to set your mind at ease when you’re shopping for textiles and home goods in particular. 

A good place to start is by researching the company itself: Does the product or the company advertise itself as eco-conscious? Do they explain why that’s the case? Do they have anything to back up their claims, or do you have to dig for it? 

At My Magic Carpet, we’re backed by a Standard 100 OEKO-TEX certification, as well as verification from Intertek as conforming to their Global Recycled Standard. This means that our rugs are approved and verified for skin-to-skin contact. On top of that, our machine washable rugs are made of 33% post-consumer recycled polyester, so they’re great for the planet!

Waterproof or Water-Resistant

Is your home a portal to the land of spills and splashes? Does your cup runneth over one too many times? Then you need to get your hands on a waterproof or water-resistant rug!

What’s the difference?

Water-Resistant rugs can resist liquid for a certain amount of time but are not waterproof by any means.

On the other hand, waterproof rugs tend to accumulate liquid on top of or within their fibers, preventing messes from getting out of hand and giving you time to manage the cleanup.

While some consumers may not need their rug to hold the tide on their messes, many would prefer that they did. Some people like to use their rugs or carpets as a barrier between their lives and their floors. 

My Magic Carpet rugs have an inner waterproof lining, so spills and accidents won't seep through to your floors.


If you’re someone with a busy lifestyle or have kids, pets, or elderly people living with you, then you need to get a non-slip rug option. 

Aside from being the most widely available option on the market, non-slip rugs stay in place and help to minimize slips, falls, and other accidents, potentially saving you an unceremonious trip to the emergency room. 

While this is a popular feature that many buyers look for, many sellers can’t seem to get the hang of this simple feature. Many companies claim to sell non-slip rugs but either sell them as a separate piece to pair with a decorative upper or have non-slip backings that don’t stand the test of time or the washing machine. 

At My Magic Carpet, our patent-pending webbed backing is included with every rug, and we guarantee it’ll last up to 30 or more washes. Although the intricate design doesn’t look like much, it does wonders for gripping the floor and staying in place, making it perfect for high traffic areas in your home or on the move in your RV!

Aside from the practical reasons why you should purchase a rug, these easy-to-clean home decor options instantly transform your space. We make it easy to find a rug to go with your home decor style, and offer a 30 day return policy so you can shop with confidence!

With so many benefits to them, what's the harm in trying one out for yourself?