The Perfect Gift for Mom? A Washable Rug, duh!

The Perfect Gift for Mom? A Washable Rug, duh!

Moms have been the backbone of our lives since before we can remember. 

They cook, they clean, they kiss our boo-boos better, they always know what to do, but, most importantly, they love us unconditionally. 

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about what to gift mom in 2021.

While many people will choose to buy their mothers jewelry, clothes, or even certificates to their favorite spas, some might be at a loss as to what their mom might light best. 

When in doubt, a practical gift that they’re sure to get some use out of is probably your best bet in this case.

Flowers wilt. Rugs are forever. 

That’s why this week, we’ve picked out three styles of rugs we think mom will love. 

Read on to discover the hottest styles for mom this Mother’s Day, and stay tuned for an exclusive coupon code to use before the big day.

For the Mom with neutral tastes

Our Hazel Chevron rug in Teal is one of our most underrated rugs. 

This rug features a distressed gradient from beige to green-blue and is the perfect way to add color and texture to your rooms. 

If your mother’s home needs a dose of color, opt for this subtle but eye-catching rug. Pair it with neutral-colored furniture to make the most impact this rug can have on a room. 

For the mom with a penchant for the kitchen

Kitchens are an oft-neglected room in the home, particularly when it comes to decor. 

Often, we think of kitchens as purely functional spaces with not much room for frills and thrills, leaving many of us with dull, cookie-cutter kitchens.

We figure, it's only going to get dirty once we start cooking, so what's the point of prettying things up?

Add some spice back into your life with a colorful rug like our Watercolor Rug in Aqua. 

If you think her kitchen might be too small for a full 5"x7", opt for a runner instead. They're perfect for tight spaces and, because all our rugs are washable, spills and messes that happen while she's cooking are easy to clean up.

For the mom who has it all

Show her you really care with a bouquet of immortalized blooms for her to enjoy year-round.

This Floral Bloom Multicolor Rug is a best seller for a reason.

Its bright colors and cheerful design make it a perfect addition to bedrooms and breakfast nooks, where Mom can appreciate it first thing in the morning. 

Those are our top 3 styles of rug for Mother’s Day 2021. 

We’ll be gifting all the mothers in our life a brand new washable rug this year, but how about you? What will you gift the ladies in your life this Mother’s Day?