My Magic Carpet Partners in Giving Back to the Community

There is nothing more important to us than the health and well-being of families in our community. From a business perspective, we've spent a lot of time diligently building our brand and washable rugs around the needs and wants of all families. We love what we do and feel honored to contribute to an indispensable social cause so near and dear to our hearts.

Many societal issues like domestic abuse and mental illness linked to drug use or genetics can harm the family unit's fragile framework. Organizations like Prototypes, part of the HealthRIGHT 360 family, work closely with mothers to overcome these barriers and rebuild and maintain bonds with children as they successfully integrate into society.

Participating in charitable causes that help people improve their circumstances through established social programs inevitably allows the community to prosper wholly.  

 About Prototypes


Image: Prototypes

Prototypes, founded 35 years ago in 1986, is an innovative social service organization developed to focus on a women's collective health, including physical care, safety, mental illness, substance abuse detox, and domestic violence. Prototypes offer vocational training that equips women with skills to safely regain their independence as mothers and contributors while tackling health obstacles.

This multifaceted approach to care management is less common still today than the standard segmented model requiring a person to seek assistance through various unconnected agencies. However, the overall lack of communication between health care entities can make rehabilitation more challenging than all care under one umbrella.

Notable Accomplishments

Prototypes Mom and Baby

Image: Prototypes

AIDS or acquired immune deficiency syndrome was a rapidly growing health concern in the mid-late 1980s that more often than not led to severe illness and death. In 1989, Prototypes recognized the need for education on preventing the spread of this dreadful disease and became one of the first programs in the United States to provide such outreach for at-risk women.

In 1997 Prototypes partnered with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to supervise a safety net initiative called the Community Prisoner Mother Program or CPMP.

CPMP works to give pregnant women or mothers to children under the age of 6 safe passage to serve out their sentence at Prototypes. The program focuses on keeping mothers and their infants and young children together to encourage growth and bonding during the impressionable years of the child's life.

Prototypes opened an outpatient program located in Pomona, California, in 2001 dedicated to targeting the unique needs of people with concurrent substance abuse and mental illness, expanding into adolescent substance abuse, child abuse, and infant mortality prevention.

Most recently, Prototypes joined forces in 2016 with HealthRIGHT 360, a medical consortium that opened in 1967 as a free clinic built to serve an influx of young adults to the San Francisco region.

The joint effort provides cross-disciplinary care, including primary care, behavioral care, and addiction services to the underserved populations in Los Angeles County and surrounding areas.

Celebrating Mothers 

Image: Prototypes

Prototypes Partners was formed in 2012 by volunteers who organize fundraisers and spread the word about Prototypes' work and many successes. This year's preeminent event Celebrating Mothers, which commends inspirational women and their life-changing accomplishments, celebrated Prototypes' thirty-fifth anniversary.

The mid-October 2021 event featured honorees, special guests, arts and crafts sessions, and the ever-popular silent auction where supporters can donate their goods and services towards this fantastic mission.

Our goal for My Magic Carpet is to preserve this collaboration with Prototypes to do what we can to facilitate positive transformations in the lives of women and their children.