Discover the Magic of Our Fall Carpet Collection

Discover the Magic of Our Fall Carpet Collection

Fall is officially in full swing. The weather is changing, with cooler temperatures settling in over most parts of the country. Trees are beginning to turn over and shed their leaves, and the Sun isn't sticking around until 9 pm anymore.

With Summer now a distant memory, let's move forward with changing our home decor from warm pastel-hued pieces to comforting browns and neutrals. Swap out coastal artwork and nautical-themed figurines for Autumnal accent pieces like ceramic pumpkins and area rugs in spiced colored patterns.

Aside from being a pivotal element that unifies decor, area rugs also add texture with physical and visual warmth to a space. Let's look at three rooms and how a few of our Fall collection rugs will transform the feel of your space.

The Bedroom

Ottoman Natural Rug

Ottoman Natural Rug

When you wake up on a crisp fall morning, the last thing you want to do is stretch and roll out of bed onto a freezing tiled or wood floor. That is not a pleasant way to start the day. Lay a 5x7 Ottoman rug in Natural next to your favorite side of the bed so you can step down and stay toasty.

The Ottoman rug In Natural is the perfect palette for the season. The afternoon sun glistening through the window will illuminate hints of orange and red in this traditional pattern. Add a taupe comforter and some pumpkin-colored pillowcases to your bed for a complete look.

The Living Room

The living room is where most families do a lot of their "living." As you consider aesthetics remember children will spend some time watching TV or doing homework while enjoying a snack with the dog or cat resting nearby. Spills, animals accidents, and lots of crumbs sprinkled on the floor are possible.

A washable rug is essential for this area of the house. Luckily, you can have both the neutral-hued carpet, which works well alongside the gray mid-century modern and compliments other orange and red objects, like throw pillows, candles, and seasonal decor in the room. 

The Entryway

Entry wayLattice Geometric Neutral Rug

The entryway of many homes can really take a beating, yet it is the first point of contact guests have with our homes, and we want it to look presentable and tidy. Fall flowers or sprigs of pussy willow nestled inside floor baskets by the door is a way to make people feel welcomed and give a cozy feel to your home.

Our Vienna Abstract rug in Natural is a striking piece for impressing visitors and blending in with Autumnal wares. The ethereal pattern with swirls splashes of brick red looks like the terrain of another world. This carpet is an ideal statement piece.

Before any guests arrive, the children and their furry tagalongs will come running in with all of the outside clinging to them. An area rug that is easy to vacuum and clean is a must-have for an entryway. Get all of the dirt and dust off before tracking it all over the house. Then spot clean or wash as needed.

My Magic Carpet washable carpet is perfect for any room in your house and comes in various sizes for apartments, homes, and RVs. With colors and patterns that suit any season or stylings, adding a My Magic Carpet rug to your space is a no-brainer!