How can a washable rug help get your home back to school ready?

How can a washable rug help get your home back to school ready?

We’re back for a friendly end-of-summer check-in. Everyone holding up after having your home overrun by children and pets for the last year and a half? Are you excited to have the kids go back to the classroom, or will you desperately miss them?

From toddlers to teens, school-aged children are gearing up to leave their comfortable nests for in-person learning and assembling with friends and peers once again. Now it's just you and the fur babies Monday through Friday from 7 am to 330 pm.

Leilani Damask Ivory Washable Rug

Maximize your free time now before the novelty of being back to school wears off, colder weather rolls around, and the children are back inside. Your primary task is to clean and buff floors soiled and scuffed by the furballs and youngins and then replace those old and musty area rugs with kid and pet-friendly machine washable rugs.

Taking on any home improvement task can seem daunting until you get into a flow. Because this isn't a home remodel but an aesthetic room makeover, your only obstacle is where you can find a hallway runner or 5x7 rug that's cohesive with your distinct decor tastes, comes with a waterproof inner lining, is stain-resistant, and will stay in place?

Your family's health and ability to thrive are so important, especially during this questionable moment in time. Our washable rugs are your key to keeping your rooms stylish and free of allergy-causing pet dander, pollens, and other germs that embed in carpets and can contribute to illness.

Remember that time when your youngest was racing through the family room with Fluffy? Yea, Fluffy won that race as the old shag rug slid across the floor with the little one flailing his arms in an attempt to balance and eventually spraining his ankle. 

Ramage Indigo My Magic Carpet

Ramage Indigo Washable Rug

 Avoid further urgent care visits and losing your voice to shouts of "STOP RUNNING" with a rug that features a non-slip backing. Now you can feel less on edge as pounding footsteps, and boisterous laughing get rapidly closer.

In 2020, you purchased desks for homeschooling in preparation for hours of video calls that would consume life for months to come. However, teenagers are gonna teenage. Probably the most realistic way to put it. Your 16-year-old daughter decided, after a week, the desk was too restrictive and spread her laptop, books, and snacks all over her bedroom floor. You understandably cringed.

Waves Ocean Blue

Waves Ocean Blue Washable Rug

The light blue rug in her bedroom has served its time. Now it has got to go! Caked in crumbs and red juice stains that will never come out are battle scars from this past year's lockdown. Hopefully, she appreciates her new Waves Ocean Blue rug with a specially designed waterproof inner liner that protects your tiled or wood floors from pet accidents and food and drink spills and won't stain.

After swapping out your threadbare, faded rugs with clean, new, vividly colored carpets, your home will smell refreshing, look brighter, and feel warm during the cold winter months. Six months on, your floors will still appear freshly buffed and polished, despite your family doing their best to trash the carpets and flooring.