Hero with a mid-century modern image with a bamboo dresser and a stool with 5 decorative rugs to complete your Halloween.

5 Decorative Rugs to Complete Your Halloween Look

We love what we do at My Magic Carpet , and we're always looking for ways to style our rugs to complement the holidays and seasonal trends.

With Halloween decorating hocus pocus in full swing, we've selected a few washable rugs  that pair nicely with fun, spooky season decor schemes that can easily transition to harmonize with the next holiday look.

Halloween may be a lot of black and pumpkin orange, but you can incorporate various colors and patterns to enhance your frightful theme. Creativity is key.

Bewitching Colors

Solid espresso runner washable rug in a white kitchen.
Fall, or the season of the ghosts and goblins, embraces all of nature's fabulous color palettes, including shades of burnt orange, deep brick reds, spicy mustard yellow, got-to neutrals, and tasty brown hues.

When going all out on creating a devastatingly haunting motif, don't forget about keeping some signs of your daily decor. We recommend maintaining a base color or two, like our Solid Espresso washable rug, so that guests don't think you actually live in a haunted house.

Haunted House Vibes

Children sitting around a table feeling pumpkins on a Kenya Ruby washable rug.
In this scenario, we WANT the selected washable rug to give guests that haunting feeling. The antique-style design of our Kenya Ruby rug evokes mental images of scary old homes in many well-known horror movies.

The protagonist slowly walks into a dilapidated house with ornate crystal chandeliers that don't work, a massive mahogany dining room table, and blood-red vintage floral carpets.

And after the bloody knives, ghastly hanging ghosts, and red eyes embedded in the walls come down, you have an elegant classic that will look amazing in the living or dining rooms year-round.

Creature Comforts

White washable shag rug with a short stool and a wicker dresser.
We've all heard the phrase creature comforts before-material objects that give us comfort. Much like blankets and throw pillows, area rugs can offer the same element of ease. It being fall, there is no better washable rug than a carpet that keeps coming back in style, the soft furry shag.

Feel free to blend our fabulous shag with any frightening decorative theme because this year, you will need some comfort from the creatures!

Animals Among Us

A brown sectional sitting on the Miya Leopard Brown washable rug in a living room.
Miya Leopard Brown

Some of us don't find decorating our homes in blood and guts or dressing up as demonic beings appealing. They prefer to stick to earthly animals like bears, dogs, and benevolent cartoon characters. Many wonder what it would be like to live in their pet's fur, so now's the time!

Pull out the hyena costume and roll out the 5 x 7 Miya Leopard Brown print carpet in gorgeous neutral hues to create a fun jungle experience for your Halloween gathering.

Fade to Grey

Child sitting on an arm chair on the Medina Moroccan Diamond Grey washable rug.playing with a mobile phone

The days of associating the color grey with being gloomy and depressing are long gone. We balance our existing decor that offers subtle pops of color with our silly Halloween signs and life-sized scarecrow. Throwing in a grey-hued washable rug to your liking can tie the space together and take the edge off of all the stimulating decor. Think of grey rugs as a styling anchor and calm center within your home.

As always, we adore our rugs, have fun trying new ways to decorate with them and share our ideas with you. Have a Happy and Safe Halloween, and enjoy this festive time with friends and family!