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What Unique Holiday Decor Style Best Suits Your Particular Tastes?

With the holidays creeping up just over that mound of fresh snow, most of us are amid a mad rush of last-minute gift shopping and the complex task of home decorating for the festivities.

As we sift through the many boxes of ornaments, wreaths, and other holiday decorations from the last ten years chaotically stashed away in our attics, thoughts of expertly curated, on-trend holiday decor styles dance through our heads. In sharp contrast to our usual yearly "anything goes" holiday trimming event, we'd like to put in some creative effort for 2022.

To help us decide what decor style provides us with synergistic happiness and comfort as it compliments a selection of the ornaments we already have, we researched current trending styles from classic to nostalgic. Because we're My Magic Carpet, a washable rug company, we also chose a few carpets that pair well with each look.

Let's begin with the tried and true.


A white living room with a baroque mirror, fireplace, armchair, a flocked Christmas tree and a My Magic Carpet Medina Moroccan Diamond Ivory washable rug.
The decorative motif of the classic or traditional holiday design sometimes crosses over to other styles, like farmhouse or nostalgic, depending on the unique assortment of textures, colors, and ornaments.

We often see this holiday style defined by red, white, and green color palettes, plaids, or myriad pattern combinations of these colors. Textured tree skirts wrapped around a flocked tree, the soft glow of white window candles, red and white bows hung from stairway railings, and a Nativity scene on the mahogany coffee table are the hallmarks of classic holiday decor.

To not clash or intrude too much on the space's color scheme and decorative elements, our Medina Moroccan Diamond Ivory washable rug in black and white is an excellent choice.


A white staircase with decorative white holiday lights, a neutral hued handrail and a My Magic Carpet Solid Grey Washable Rug.
Minimalist decor strives to make the best use of light, clean lines, and neutral color palettes to incorporate beauty, comfort, and functionality without clutter into a space.

Soft beige-hued textures in the form of a cozy throw and pillow on a couch accented by natural pine cone wreaths and a small holiday tree with few strategically placed ornaments or light strands are what sets this style apart from maximalist theme options.

When choosing a complimentary rug for the minimalist style, our Solid Grey washable rug wins. It creates a subtle contrast from lighter tones in the room.


A dining room with a Christmas tree, a wreath, a mantle, a table with mismatched chairs and a My Magic Carpet Tratti Offset Stripe Blue Washable Rug
This holiday style borders on quaint cottage boho and country cabins where the inside we decorate with elements of the outside. Pine tree silhouettes on plates, pine cone wreaths, tastefully embroidered holiday-themed napkins, and table runners suit this friendly and easy decor theme.

We'll decorate the tree, no matter the size, with wooden or hand-made ceramic tree ornaments, hang hand-knit personalized stockings on the mantel and organically blend neutral hues with dark blues and greens.

Because this look is more eclectic, we're going to pair our Tratti Offset Stripe in black and cream or blue washable rug.


A living room with a couch, table, large window, wreath on the wall, Christmas tree with bows, a mantle with stockings, a picture of a deer and a My Magic Carpet Washable Rug in Solid Cream.

For all of us in love with the bright and exciting decor from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, this is for us! There was a time when the embraced holiday decor motto was "the more, the merrier." That is more colorful glass balls for the tree and rainbow-colored bauble lights that cover the inside and outside of the house: tinsel trees, tinsel on the trees, and "discoesque" tree-toppers that rotated.

Every house had a vast collection of Santa mugs and ceramic Christmas trees, red stockings with names in glitter, and lots of red velvet bows on everything. Decorating was about celebration and the magic of the season.

Our paired washable rug for getting nostalgic is the Solid Cream. Because it's so versatile, you can add to any color palette. 


A room with a wreath, fireplace with logs, presents, a couch and a My Magic Carpet Round Shag Washable Rug.

Simple decor, bordering on minimalism and rustic, keeps a home cozy and relaxing. The holidays can be stressful for people and creating a space that embodies the holiday spirit minus the maximalist fanfare is healthy.

Neutral colors help to bring the anxiety level down a few decibels. Natural elements, including a birch log, real flocked trees, and wreaths made of pine needle branches, infuse delightful scents throughout the house.

Throw pillows and blankets with leaping reindeer and snowflake patterns that keep us warm on cold winter days are must-haves. Lastly, adorn the fireplace mantle with a sweet vintage Christmas village display.

We'll sink our feet into My Magic Carpet's resident cozy carpet, the round white Shag washable rug. Late at night in December, the floors are sure to be cold. The soft fibers of this rug will keep us from freezing our toes off.

An individual's decorative style is personal and sentimental. We're here to be inspirational guides for creating a happy, balanced home for the holiday!