A little girl holds a puppy as the puppy eats on My Magic Carpet washable rug by a window.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for National Puppy Day!

National Puppy Day, celebrated on March 23, was founded in 2006 by Colleen Paige, the same person who founded National Dog Day in 2004, which we celebrate on August 26. But who is Colleen Paige, and why do we need pet holidays?

Colleen Paige is a renowned Pet & Family Lifestyle expert, animal behaviorist, author, and founder of several animal-related holidays, including National Puppy Day and National Dog Day. She contributes to animal-related and news publications such as The American Dog, Dig Fancy, Animal Wellness, and the New York Times.

Paige created National Puppy Day to celebrate the unconditional love and joy that puppies bring to our lives while also raising awareness about the importance of adopting from shelters and rescues. The holiday aims to educate people about the responsibilities of owning a puppy, including proper training, socialization, healthcare, and the overbreeding and mistreatment of dogs at puppy mills.

A girl in a room with a white puppy sitting on a My Magic Carpet Dardon Bordered Grey washable rug.
Dardon Bordered Grey washable rug

The crew at My Magic Carpet takes our pet's comfort and happiness seriously. Our Co-Founder and pet mom, Monica Dallyn, created our washable rugs to accommodate the needs of parents and pet parents alike. We all know how difficult potty training can be for human kids and dogs. That's why we're all in for the festivities when a holiday like National Puppy Day comes around.

We want to do our part to help drive Colleen's efforts toward improving puppies' lives. Did you know that during the spring and summer months, shelters see a substantial increase in dog intakes? So, this is the perfect time of year to donate money, blankets, toys, and My Magic Carpet washable rugs to your local shelter because puppies shouldn't sleep on cold floors. Or why not adopt another best friend for your best friend?

Stop to think about how our puppies fill our lives with laughter, wonder, and love. Our pups offer an insight into another world of expressive communication that often surprises us. These creatures deserve the best life has to offer for the whole of their short lives.

A dog sitting next to a girl on a cell phone sitting on a My Magic Carpet Cove Green washable rug.
Cove Green washable rug

How can we shower our puppies and senior puppies with gratitude and love on their special day?

Team up with a shelter to host a fun event to raise money and awareness about the benefits of adopting, then grab your best bud and head to the park for a leisurely parent-puppy stroll or a vigorous game of fetch. If your dog is the bubbly social type, arrange a pack walk or hike with friends and their furry companions. You'll see the instant joy on their faces!

Even small gestures go a long way. Our pets want to be with us. We are their world. Offer extra treats after a potty break, or stay home and snuggle up to watch a nature show for a lazy afternoon.

National Puppy Day 2023 is this Thursday. Remember to plan for a few hours in your day to encourage people to adopt, whether in person or on social media and hang out with your fur child doing what they love most, being the best dog!