How to Makr your Floors Flourish with Floral Patterns overlay complimenting a bedroom with a round bed and a My Magic Carpet Leilani Damask Blue washable rug.

How to make your Floors Flourish with Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are a versatile choice for decorating your home. They can improve your mood with their bold array of colors and the smooth rounded lines of each flower and leaf system, creating cohesion and balance while keeping you in touch with the changing seasons. Adding floral accents to your home, floors included, can also offer a soothing feel that helps relax any tension and makes you feel like you've wandered into a garden, especially if you choose the right colors and patterns

Start with the Walls and Floors

A floral pick hued bedroom next to a window with the My Magic Carpet Sasha Floral Cream Blue washable rug positioned by the bed and night table
Sasha Floral Cream Blue washable rug

To create a floral space, start by choosing a floral wallpaper and some washable area rugs that serve as the tone for the look and feel of the overall room. Because there are so many amazing patterns, you can go from an elegant vintage French country feel paired with a Solid Espresso washable rug in one room to bold and bright maximalist walls accented with an equally arresting, in a good way, floral print washable rug, like our Sasha Floral Cream Blue washable rug  in another.

If you prefer clean solid walls, you can still add floral decals or paint a mural with floral designs. Remember, the power flowers also have to offer your other senses. Add a bouquet to any room to align the olfactory aspect with the visual. Think about creating a floral feature wall to make a statement.

Floral Accents

A My Magic Carpet Aubusson Blue washable rug is placed in a blue hued living room with floral patterns.
Aubusson Blue washable rug

Adding floral accents to your home can be done subtly or audaciously, depending on your tastes. One small but impactful way to incorporate florals is by choosing niche objects like floral drawer handles or drawer liners because the details matter. Walking through your home, you'll notice how often your eyes gravitate toward accents like framed floral images, 3' x 5' rugs, and cutlery with floral handles.

Remember that old floral tapestry upholstered chair your grandmother gave you? Well, now's the time to put it to good use with some delightful pillows and long floral drapes. Yes, we went there. Drapes are a must for grandma chic.

Another idea is to display floral plates and bowls on your dining table or kitchen shelves matched with a lovely floral runner rug. Whimsical floral wall art, either one large print or a collection of smaller images, can also complement other small accent pieces.

Decor Styles that Showcase Florals

A green floral living room with a chair and a My Magic Carpet Ramage Maroon round washable rug.

Ramage Maroon round washable rug

When creating a floral environment in your home, choosing the right colors and patterns is essential to ensure that they complement your existing decor. If you want to go bold, consider patterns on patterns, but if you prefer a more muted look, try spacing out prints. You can also use colors that match or complement other colors in the room, such as pastels or earth tones.

Several decor styles showcase florals beautifully. Grandma chic blending of patterns with vintage pieces works well with floral accents like one floral rug design paired with leafy wallpaper. Bohemian style is another option for blending patterns with florals. French country style tends to be more subtle, focusing on delicate floral designs. Farmhouse style is also nuanced with more of a rustic feel, but florals can still be incorporated through accent pieces. Lastly, maximalism is a style that embraces bold and daring choices and works well with blending patterns and florals.

In conclusion, floral patterns are versatile for brightening your home and creating a happy and cohesive space from floor to wall. Whether you go for vibrant or understated floral accents, incorporating florals into your home decor can make you feel like a kid frolicking through a field again. Choosing the right colors and patterns and blending real flowers into the mix can take your floral decor to the next level. So why not embrace the beauty of flowers and create a floral space in your home?