How to Handle the Holiday Spills

Families gather, and spills happen. The holidays are fun but messy times. If you can get out of hosting the turkey, faux turkey, or ham dinners, by all means, take advantage of the freedom! If you can't, then make it a pleasant fun-filled event. Let's look at a few rugs in various sizes that can help make your life easier and keep your floors clear of damage.

Your newly buffed kitchen floors are precious. Keeping them in one piece and stain-free for more than one year sometimes feels challenging, especially when your mom and the aunts come over to "help cook" the holiday meal with all the trimmings.

The Runner

Holiday kitchen decorated with a My Magic Carpet Ottoman Natural Washable Runner Rug
Sauces will inevitably boil over, grease will splatter, and before you know it, there's more dinner on the floor than on the plates. You love your family; they mean well, but the clean-up can take weeks!

To help avoid splashes from hitting the clean floors, roll out a patterned 2.5' x 7' washable runner rug in front of the sink or stove. When the turkey gravy drips, or glass tips, throw the carpet into the wash, and poof, no stains!

There's no telling what the weather will be like on the day of the big family gathering. Sun, rain, or snow, it's anyone's guess. Prepare for nasty weather, and the sun may shine. You'll be a few steps ahead in keeping the pets and overzealous family from tracking dirty slush or water through your home.

Step 1) shoes off at the door or wipe down the paws. Set 2) lay out a 3' x 5' accent rug in the entryway to keep the soggy weather remnants in one location. Your guests and home will love you for this. You'll have no accidental slips and a dry, warm house. 

 The 5 x 7 Rug

The My Magic Carpet 5x7 Parviz Grey washable rug in a living room with a tree.

Every year it's the same thing. Following a sizeable nap-inducing dinner, the great-uncles and grandfathers retire to the living room to watch the day's sporting event—a few sneaking away from the kitchen with a plate of thirds. They sit back in their self-assigned seating, catch a glimpse of a few exciting gameplays, take one more nibble, and suddenly the living room is a sound studio of snores.

Of course, the solid grip they all once had on their plate of thirds weakens, and the food comes tumbling to the floor. Because this wasn't your first rodeo, you knew what you needed to avoid picking cranberry skins out of the wood flooring for the next month.

Your traditional patterned 5' x 7' washable rug is the only thing that stands between you and a night of peaceful sleep. Though the initial sight of food slathered across your beautiful washable rug is shocking, experience tells you that your carpet will look brand new after a wash cycle, and your flooring will be untouched. So worth the purchase!

When hosting a family gathering, you know, and we know, spills and messes are a part of the holiday "fun." Breathe deeply, don't discuss politics, and remember to include My Magic Carpet washable rugs in your party planning.