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How to Earn


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The more you spend the larger the store credit

Spend More, Earn More

Spend over $200 | Get a $15 credit

Spend over $300 | Get a $25 credit

Spend over $500 | Get a $100 credit

2 Easy ways to Redeem

Simply copy your credit code from the email or account, and apply it in the 'Gift Card or Discount Code' window upon checkout.

Or, Log in to your account, and use the 'Apply Store Credit' button in the cart page or checkout.

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At checkout, copy and paste your credit code into the 'Gift Card or Discount Code' section. Your credit will be applied to your order.

Your credit code is located at the top of this page (under your balance). You can also access it via your account page by clickinghere

You earn $15.00 for every $200 spent and $10 for every new customer you would refer our way that completes a purchase successfully. The more you spend the larger your store credit grows.


If you return anything in your order, the credit earned from that order will be removed. In the event of a partial refund, we will ensure that the credit for the remaining paid amount is still in your account.

The amount of credit used will be subtracted from any refund issued.

Your cashback expires 90 days after it is issued. We will send you a reminder before it runs out to ensure you remember to use it.

Free Shipping

Enjoy free standard shipping on every order within the US

Free Returns & Exchanges

Return or exchange your item, for any reason, within 30 days after receiving your purchase. This applies to US-based orders only.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind our products and want you to be happy with your purchase. If you should be dissatisfied in any way please contact us at (888) 598-9179 or