Introducing the Genevieve Gorder Collection

Introducing the Genevieve Gorder My Magic Carpet washable rug line – the perfect fusion of premium aesthetics and practicality.

Her latest collection showcases stunning tropical florals and abstract designs that compliment even the most distinctive home decor. Genevieve Gorder, a beloved interior designer, infuses her soulful style and infectious passion into each piece, making this rug line a must-have addition to your home.

About Genevieve

Genevieve Gorder’s soulful style and genuine enthusiasm have made her one of America’s favorite interior designers for years.
A two time Emmy nominee, she is also the founder and director of the Genevieve Gorder brand, a television host, designer and producer, a home product designer, contributing author, and global ambassador for home and human rights with Oxfam.

Gorder has appeared and been featured in over 20 lifestyle shows around the world. Currently, you can find Genevieve on Netflix, HGTV, Bravo, TLC, Amazon and as a regular contributor on The Rachael Ray Show.

Genevieve resides with her husband and daughter in Manhattan.

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