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Ways to Enjoy Your Free Time on Labor Day

We all cherish our hard-earned days off, but some of us STILL have difficulty disconnecting and seizing that meaningful break from work.

Why not take Labor Day weekend 2022 as a time to change old habits? Learn self-care techniques, hit up the holiday sales for back-to-school clothing or a new washable rug, take a road trip or teach the kids about the origins of Labor Day.

In usual My Magic Carpet washable rug fashion, we've compiled a Labor Day weekend "embrace the spirit of the holiday" guide to family fun and rest. After all, we love to offer tips to help set up our MMC friends and family for success!

Self - Care 

Lady sitting on couch reading in a room with a geometric blue rug.Shibori Geometric Diamond Blue Washable Rug

What does self-care mean? Self-care can mean different things to different people. Base jumping may be one person's idea of relaxation, and redecorating a house may be another's.

Take advantage of this time to read an enjoyable book of inspirational quotes or take a nature walk (stay hydrated if hot). Other restful activities include listening to music, taking a peaceful nap with a pet, or preparing a healthy lunch for good friends.

But how do you keep the kids from becoming restless so you can enjoy your time?

Activities For Children

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The history of Labor Day is rooted in the workforce. Teach them the value of money by encouraging them to make a lemonade stand for the neighborhood or rake a neighbor's yard. The day off is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids about Labor Day. Throw on some youtube videos and set up an arts and crafts station for them to create their own Labor Day decorations.

Short road trips to a city park for a picnic, beach, or lake keep kids active and promotes exercise and family bonding time, which can be a rarity in such a busy world.

Do you know what else happens on Labor Day? SALES, lots and lots of deals on EVERYTHING!!!!


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Load the children and their friends into the car and head to your local shopping mall for a day of bargain-hunting for back-to-school clothing or office supplies.

If going to a crowded mall in the middle of the intense end of summer heat is more of a nightmare than an adventure, then perhaps online sales shopping is more your speed. Shop home decor sales for items like a new washable runner rug  for the entryway or a nice patterned round rug for the kid's desk area.

Have you already shopped for the rest of the year? Then now is a great time to prepare your home for the seasons ahead!

Get Ready for Fall

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You're feeling a bit worn out at this point in the year. You recently completed a tiring event-packed 2-week family vacation. While away, a dreadful pile of reports and other nonsense piled up on your desk.

The very last you want to do is leave the house. Before your vacation, you shopped for storage baskets, candles, and cozy rugs to spruce up your decor before the school year.

Today is the perfect day to light some pleasantly scented candles pull out the fall clothes, and store summer clothes in new rattan basket sets.

Knowing the kids will have homework, you bought a couple of washable rugs to make their workspace feel comfier for those long hours of studying.

After tidying up, your reward is enjoying a cool drink on the porch.

You can celebrate this day away from laboring any way you'd like. Please do us a favor and have fun!