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My Magic Carpet Partners for Another Great Charitable Event

At My Magic Carpet, we are so lucky to be a part of yet another meaningfully exciting charitable event with HealthRight 360s Haight Ashbury Medical Clinics. We're donating 6 of our "customer favorite" washable rugs for the upcoming occasion.

In this auction, winning a My Magic Carpet washable rug means so much more to so many than just getting a stylish new carpet. It means getting a new lease on life for some, having a safe pregnancy and birth, or getting the education to find a new dream job.

The Event

Multi-colored sign with starbursts, flowers, a bridge and a guitar with the words Black Tie, Tie Dye Happening June 2, 2022

On June 2, 2022, Haight Ashbury Medical Clinics in San Francisco, CA, is hosting their annual Black Tie and Tie Dye Happening. The gala features a red carpet entrance, tasty cocktails and snacks, live music, dancing, a silent auction, VIP guests, and a trendy fashion show. The suggested attire for the evening is "hippie elegant" to commemorate the clinic's early days.

Proceeds from the gala and silent auction go towards The Haight Ashbury Clinic's many projects and programs, including women's health for family planning and wellness exams, behavioral health, and nutrition counseling.

The Start of Something Special

Banner with the words Haight Ashbury Free Clinics A program of HealthRight 360

In the 1960s, young people from all over the country traveled to California to experience the San Francisco anti-mainstream hippie culture of free love, spiritualism, and creativity. Many found themselves broke, living in poor conditions, hungry, and sick.

With an influx of people to the area, Dr. David Smith, a physician in the well-known Haight Ashbury neighborhood, opened the Haight Asbury Free Medical Clinic in June of 1967 to fulfill the healthcare needs of individuals who struggle with addiction, homelessness, and poverty.

During its opening week, this one-of-a-kind clinic, for the time, received over 400 patients needing medical treatments who could not access it elsewhere due to a lack of funds or insurance.

Come a Long Way Since the 60s

Woman and child standing outside

The clinic continues to provide high-quality medical care, dental, substance use, and mental health treatment options to an underserved population. As a pillar in the community, the clinic also offers an on-site charter school for people to earn their GED, resources to find affordable housing, and employment programs.

At every level, the Haight Ashbury staff takes great pride and care to administer supportive, non-judgemental care, no matter the situation. Anyone can feel comfortable seeking the care they need while being treated with dignity because everyone deserves that.

Why We Do What We Do

Collage of 6 different my magic carpet rugs in homes

My Magic Carpet is a company of appreciative individuals who believe in the value our products provide every day to our customers. That's why being even a tiny part of something bigger than us fills us with feelings of hope for the future.

Our rugs are out there, helping families keep their homes and floors germ-free, clean and safe during a pandemic and anytime, an asset good for everyone's health.

Click on the video below to get a deeper insight into the Haight Ashbury Clinic's humble beginnings and Dr. David Smith's enduring commitment to healthcare being a fundamental right for all.