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Why My Magic Carpet's the Perfect Dorm Decor

Going off to college is an exciting path towards adulthood and a right of passage full of growth and unknowns. People who attend generally accept their college experience as an awkward time of self-exploration. 

Among some challenges students face is living in dorms or apartments with multiple roommates jammed into limited spaces. Sharing messy bathrooms or attempting to find quiet, pleasant study spots can shake up a person's ability to function on all cylinders while creating friction between friends. 

So, why not kick off the new school year by collaborating with fellow roomies or dorm dwellers to designate small areas for specific activities and decorate accordingly? We all know student housing floors can be eyesores of peeling ancient vinyl. Begin by covering those unappealing floors with a couple of washable area rugs in pleasing patterns.  

We took a few minutes to select an array of My Magic Carpet rugs that we think can turn a crowded shared space into a cozy nook or fashionable gathering place. 

The Perfect Study Rug

Girl with pink hair and headphones sitting on a floral carpet in a room writing in a notebook with books around.

Colors can significantly impact our emotions, a helpful bit of information backed by a series of clinical studies. For example, researchers of such studies found orange helps increase energy levels, red triggers excitement but may be hard on the eyes over time, and blue elicits calm feelings. 

Studying is a task that requires a level of concentration achieved by striking a balance between being relaxed and energized. Our  Sasha Floral Cream Blue rug is a motif of blue and pink blossoms, two colors that control the fight or flight response, aka ANXIETY, prompting feelings of calm. 

Need to decorate a shoebox-sized bedroom? We have just the rug. 

The Small Space Rug

Dorm room with bunk beds a floral rug, dresser, and desk.

Remember, even in a tiny space, you can still have it all. Ok, maybe not all of everything, but for sure, our Aubusson Beige 3 x 5 washable rug. Watch how this elegant classic improves a modestly furnished dorm when positioned next to bunk beds or behind a simple wood desk.  

Friends will notice the glorious neutral-hued floral medallion as the room's central focus and not the "Sam loves Abby" carving on the 30-year-old bedpost. Sam and Abby probably have four kids and are living in their 3rd house by now. 

Socializing and partying are a big part of living on campus. Legendary all-nighters don't just apply to studying. A washable rug in eye-grabbing patterns suited for community rooms, like the living room or kitchen, is a must-have.  

The Communal Area Rug 

Small living room with a couch, desk and geometric green rug.

Community rooms in any student housing situation usually bustle with entertainment, like movie nights or friends gathering for a meal. Washable rugs are perfect for high-traffic areas with lots of activity. 

Decorate your dorm quad meeting area or apartment living room with pops of color and trending geometric patterns to infuse life into a generic space. Our Dula Light Sage green rug combines a soothing hue with a trending design, which is well-suited for a communal area full of stressed college students.   

The Party Rug 

 People dancing on a leopard print rug with dark lighting.

Burning out from too much stress and not enough downtime before getting the first job is not a good life plan. Let loose! Besides daily workouts or creative outlets, a party with dancing, laughing, and snacks are a fabulous way to expand social circles and forget about exams and papers for an evening. 

Decorative accents mean everything when it comes to creating a vibrant party environment. Animals prints, like our Miya Leopard Grey washable rug, and loud colors like a fire engine red or neon fuchsia are appropriate for energy building and drawing people out of the study and work frame of mind. 

College years can be some of our most memorable but challenging. Transform a less desirable living situation into a cozy, happy place with functional area rugs in suitable colors and prints.