How to Make Your Memorial Day BBQ a Sensation with My Magic Carpet Machine Washable Rug

How to Make Your Memorial Day BBQ a Sensation with My Magic Carpet Machine Washable Rug

Monday, May 30th, 2022, is Memorial Day and the official, unofficial start of Summer in the United States. While remembering those who sacrificed their lives for this country, we celebrate our given freedom by opening our pools, vacation homes, heading to the beach, or simply staying home to host an epic bbq. Family and friends head over with tasty homemade dishes to relax in the warm weather and cherish each other's company.

Baby standing on a white shag rug next to a window holding an American flag.

                                                  White Shag Washable Rug

It's always best to plan your bbq ahead of time. Considering people may decide to cancel last minute, or more families with kids in town may show up than expected. So how much food do you need, where should you set up the main table and entertainment, and how can you keep your floors as clean as possible with bbq sauce, running children, and pets?

Whether rain or shine, our motto is that the bbq must go on! In many parts of this great country, the weather throws an unforeseen glitch in your plans. If you don't live in Southern California, you'll need a backup to the beautiful great outdoors. Here are some of My Magic Carpet's best ideas for creating a bbq-friendly, weatherproof environment for your home's various rooms. 

Enclosed Patio

To widen the idea of an "enclosed patio," we think it's ok to include a large apartment balcony with overhead coverage, a lovely wrap-around Victorian porch, or a backyard poolside patio with an awning or canopy under this general heading.

Covered outdoor spaces are an extension of our homes, and we want to make them as comfortable and welcoming as possible. A balcony, porch, or patio should have enough seating and places for eating. Place a My Magic Carpet machine washable rug or two under tables or seats, out of the rain, to catch spills or food particles for easy cleanup.

Set up the food table in the dining room or kitchen if you don't have enough room under your enclosed patio for people and a buffet. Help your guests find their way using machine washable runner rugs by designing a "yellow brick road" path to food tables. The carpets will also keep your floors from getting excessively dirty from the foot traffic leading to the delicious hot dogs and potato salad.


In place of a balcony or porch, plenty of homes have sunrooms. The sunroom is typically an extra room with wall-to-wall windows situated off the side of the kitchen or living room. It's the ideal room for reading a book in the afternoon, cuddled by a soft, warm puppy or kitty, or hosting a modest Memorial Day gathering. 

Open the windows to allow the sun's rays and a late spring breeze to flow through the room. Bring in a small table for eating and chatting after serving guests food and drink in the kitchen. It's also good to lay out a machine washable rug by the food table for small children who want to eat a snack on the floor or take a nap in the sun.


Mom and daughter in kitchen with hard floors and an island

Why move the food to other parts of the house if you have a big, bright kitchen? Kitchens are the known heart of a home, with people at parties always seeming to congregate around the refrigerator, and possibly the best place to carry on with your gathering if you have a large table and enough countertop space. Position a machine washable runner by the sink area of the kitchen and again one machine washable 5x7  carpet under the table to grab crumbs and absorb liquids. 

Following a delicious buffet-style meal in the kitchen, start choosing teams to encourage people to move outside to the backyard to participate in card games by the pool or team sports like horseshoes, volleyball, or ankle races. 

Living Room

Living room with couch and grey and white striped rug.

Stripe Grey Washable Rug 

City dwellers don't always have the luxury of having a balcony. If you live in a high-rise building in a major city, you know what we're talking about! However, a grill with a raging flame isn't the only way to make those hamburgers and hotdogs. Indoor grills work just as well, so all is not lost. 

Reorganize your furniture to add decorative poufs  for more cozy seating. They're comfortable and lightweight for moving around from conversation to conversation. If you have to be indoors, offer your guests a wide selection of great tunes, movies, and fun games.   

BBQs don’t have to be stressful when you have a solid game plan, food favorites, drinks, carefree fun, and My Magic Carpet Washable Rug to have your floors and your back.