Ocean waves carpet in blue on a patio with an Acapulco chair, plants and small coffee table.

Celebrating Spring's Arrival with My Magic Carpet

Every season has its own set of remarkable charms. Summer offers the promise of balmy relaxing beach days and coastal-themed decor. The arrival of winter brings holiday reunions spent in warm, comfy homes decked out in festive lights. Spring is a special, enchanting time of year most associated with change and renewal. 

To embrace the seasonal change, let's take a peek at creative ways to refresh your home's decor from winter cozy to vibrant spring with a few of our new styles and classic favorites from My Magic Carpet in neutral hues, light blue, pink tones, and calming greens

Floral Bloom Multicolor Washable Rug-Round

Without being shy, the color palette screams in bold blue, green, and red,  "I MUST BE SEEN." The shapely round design softens larger furnishings without overwhelming a space. We've chosen the living room for this blooming beauty to give this rug a wider audience.

Use a round rug as a room anchor, fanning furniture around the edges to rest partially on the rug and the flooring. The eye-catching pattern complements nearby decors as it incorporates a bold but tasteful contrast with others.  

Let's change our scope to see how runners are more than just a pretty rug.

Cove Green Washable Rug-Runner

Cove green washable runner rug in an entryway on hard wood floors next to a gallery wall

Symbolic of new growth, warm greens are the official colors of spring. The primary palette of this runner includes a soothing turquoise wrapped into sage green and a soft taupe. A pop of contrasting red adds a bit of spice to this decoratively functional rug. 

Commonly placed in hallways to brighten up a dark, dull space, it may seem like a bad idea to lay a runner rug in front of a bathroom or kitchen sink because of the possible water exposure. On the other hand, you don't want to pay thousands to replace tile or hardwood floors because of warping or mold.  

However, a My Magic Carpet runner is just the rug you need to soak up dribbles and splashes that escape your sink and keep your floors from getting water damaged. If it gets too wet, just throw it in the dryer for a few minutes. 

Moving onto the master bedroom, we're thinking about a solid color rug with a lot of fluff and texture to create a space made for relaxation. 

White Washable Shag Rug

A My Magic Carpet washable shag rug in a room with plants, lights and light blue furniture.

A master bedroom should always feel like an enjoyable get-away retreat regardless of the season. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer, this white shag rug will effortlessly carry your bedroom decor needs from one season into the next without skipping a beat. 

Aside from aesthetics, bedroom rugs help absorb the sounds of creaking floors from a midnight trip to the kitchen for a sip of water. So the most logical positioning is to lay the carpet halfway under or next to the bed. Expose enough of the rug to appreciate its unique style and noise cancellation benefits. 

Refresh your home with the momentum of a new season using warm colors, contemporary shapes, and pleasant textures.