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My Magic Carpet Gift card

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Give the gift of spotless floors with a My Magic Carpet rug or carpet! Make life a little easier and let your loved ones choose from our wide. . . Read More

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Each rug consists of non-allergenic, stain-resistant 100% microfiber polyester, including a waterproof inner liner and a non-slip, patent-pending, webbed back. Plus, our revolutionary pet and family-friendly design makes our rugs easy to care for; simply throw them in any standard sized washer and dryer.


Give the gift of spotless floors with a My Magic Carpet rug or carpet! Make life a little easier and let your loved ones choose from our wide array of colors, patterns, and sizes. Our gift cards are conveniently delivered by email, and redeeming is as easy as it is to wash our carpets!

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My Magic Carpet is a machine-washable, single-piece nonslip rug which is lightweight and perfectly fits into your washing machine.

Simply put it in the washing machine and voila! You have a new looking and hygienic rug in its perfect shape in minimal time . What more can you ask for?

Keep your pets close to you, inside your living space without worrying about their dander, mess, spills and accidents. Let them sit on this cozy, clean, hygienic and comfortable rug and fully enjoy your time with your pets.

Wash it whenever needed with detergent just like you wash your laundry. No more expenses of hiring a carpet cleaner or bringing it to a dry cleaner

Our patent-pending one-piece design makes keeping your home clean simple. Our rugs aren’t just another addition to your decor, but they also help keep your floors clean and stain-free.

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Unlike other rugs, My Magic Carpet rugs are not just lovely to look at, they also protect your floors from scratches, spills, and stains! Our rugs come with a waterproof inner lining that acts as a barrier and prevents liquids from getting through to your floors, keeping them clean and containing the mess.

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These durable rugs are entirely life-proof and stand up to every test you and your family throws its way. From spills and potty training to wine night, your new stain-resistant rug protects your flooring with ease so your cats, dogs, and kids can keep doing what they do best.

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Our exclusive patent-pending rug comes with a nonslip backing included. Plus, it’s machine washable, stain-resistant, and waterproof, making it the perfect, hassle-free all in one rug.


  • Although we just received them I can say they are thinner than I’d hoped. But I am happy that we bought these rugs. Looks great and stops debris good. Just waiting for the snow and salt test now! I would recommend these rugs.

    Tracy D.
  • I love these carpets. They’re pretty and durable and skid free. I love that you don’t need a pad underneath.

    Kathleen B.
  • The perfect rug for multiple pet/multiple children households After owning another brand of washable rug that required the separate purchase of their special pad to make the rug effective... My magic carpet brand rug is an awesome find!! It is better in every way. The non-slip backing works well, making the convenience of throwing it in the washer and laying it back down seamless. The waterproof inner lining is genius and saves my wood floor from pet accidents and inevitable juice spills from toddlers. Basically, this rug checks all the boxes for me including a reasonable price point!! I hope to see the company offer a larger (8x10) size one day and expand their designs.

    Anni G.
  • The rug was perfect for my college dorm room My roommate and I needed a rug we could clean for our dorm. We are pretty messy guys and tend to spill beer and other things in our dorm room. I bought a 5x7 rug and its great. It was easy to wash and makes the room look cool since our floor is ugly old tile. Some of my other freinds are buying them now too.

    Cole M.
  • Beautiful Rug This rug is just what I was looking for...I love the fact that it's washable. I have not put them out yet so I'm not sure how they will perform but they arrived quickly and undamaged.

    Jami G.
  • We love our new rug. It looks great in our family room. Stormy my lab loves it too!

    Michael M.
  • This rug is more vibrant in real life than in the photo. I love it, it’s gorgeous and looks great in my room.

    Jason E.
  • Worth the Investment A total game changer. I was so tired of buying a newrug every year and having to toss it due to foot traffic and pet stains…if you’re hesitating and wondering if this is worth it, don’t wait! Best thing I’ve bought in a while.

    Linda R.
  • Super soft I was skeptical at first but this rug is awesome. We have cats and kids and need something that easily washes. This works!!

    Jessica N.
  • Gorgeous!! I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE this rug. It’s gorgeous, easily to spot clean, and still looks brand new after washing twice already! I’m so happy with my new rug, and I was super happy with the customer service rep I spoke to, too.

    Trish L.
  • Beautiful rug This is my first My Magic Carpet and I am so happy with the quality. They really are beautiful and easy to clean. This is definitely the only rug I’m buying from now on!

    Dan H.
  • I'm obsessed with these designs! It definitely fits my style, and I know it’s gunna hold up well with all of the playing my pups do!

    Christian S.
  • Just what I was looking for! These rugs are the ONLY thing I’m buying for my kids’ rooms! They wash super well and refuse to stain, no matter what my kids get on them.

    Danika R.
  • Perfect for busy families Mornings are hectic in my house. I can’t tell you how many times me and the kids have spilled coffee and juice and cereal all over our floors! When my friend told me there was such a thing as washable rugs, I knew I had to have them! These were the best ones in my budget and I loved that they were only one piece instead of two.

    Ruth J.
  • My daughter loves it! My daughter’s an athlete and she has a bad habit of bringing the game home on her shoes but recently she asked me for a rug for her bedroom. My sister bought some of these My Magic Carpet rugs for her home and couldn’t stop raving about them so I decided to give them a shot. When I tell you that these things are a God send, I mean it! Not only are they easy to clean but they also vacuum up super well which makes our lives so much easier.

    Malcom H.
  • Love it! We travel multiple times a year within our RV and having these runners are a gamechanger for us! Washable & stain resistant is key for our family.

    Ashley G.
  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE Love this. Goes with so many styles and hides dirt really well.

    Rodrigo L.
  • Got one of these for my mother in law and she loves it.

    Tatum N.
  • I love this rug so much ! I am already buying my next rug. I a love it so much.

    Michelle B.
  • OBSESSED I bought it for my camper and it was just perfect for the space. I like how well it’s holding up and that it doesn't get dirty easily. Looked like new after being washed.

    Sharon H.