Why You Need a Washable Rug in Your Life

Why You Need a Washable Rug in Your Life

Right after setting a big New Year’s resolution, many Americans choose to start off their year with a big room transformation. 

While everyone’s capabilities and budget vary, there are a few easy ways even the smallest of budgets can stretch their dollar and renovate their homes. 

Among professional and DIY home decorators, some popular ways to make a big change in no time are switching up the paint, adding some wallpaper, bringing in new linens, and, of course, swapping out your rug. 

Rugs are one of those items that many of us take for granted when we’re decorating our homes. Today you can find a rug to fit just about any style and taste you can think of, at affordable prices, and made for entirely modern sensibilities. With so many options out on the market, designers, decorators, and consumers are once again embracing the style potential of the humble rug or carpet.

If you still aren’t convinced, though, today we’re sharing 7 reasons why you, ( yes, you! ), need one of our convenient and stylish washable rugs in your life. Read on for all the reasons you may need to click the ‘add to cart’ button and live your new easy and fabulous life.

Kids are messy creatures

As someone who once scribbled on walls, plastered stickers everywhere, and used my mom and dad’s toothbrushes to “clean” the floor, take it from me when I say there’s nothing like little ones to put your home decor to the ultimate test. 

Kids, mischief, and “oopsies” go hand in hand. Save yourself some grief and invest in a rug that can take a few years’ worth of beatings, or at the very least doesn’t cost you a fortune!

Pets are a tricky business

Furry friends are as much a part of our family as people are. Between house training, surprise morning mud-runs, and shedding season, however, they can make a bit of a mess of our homes.

Having dogs and cats doesn’t have to mean sacrificing function for style: durable, and machine washable rugs are the perfect solution to spaces that want to reap the style benefits of carpet without sacrificing style and practicality, so you can kiss goodbye to anxiously hovering over Fifi and Fido.

Allergens and germs are kind of a big deal, now

Allergens are everywhere; there’s pretty much no avoiding dust, pollen, micro-organisms, bacteria, or the stench that comes along with them. 

Soft surfaces in our homes are the perfect breeding ground for these sniffle-causing creatures and unpleasant odors, but fear not! There are ways to combat them, and having an easily washable rug is one of them. 

By keeping a regular rug cleaning schedule, you can significantly reduce the number of microbes calling your home theirs. My Magic Carpet makes it easy to clean your carpet yourself: simple toss in the wash with your favorite laundry detergent and kiss those micro-critters and stanky stenches goodbye. 

High traffic areas need some TLC, too

Doors, entryways, kitchens, and mudrooms are notoriously difficult to decorate due to the fact that these rooms act as a buffer between the outside world and your home. Many homeowners tend to keep the decor in this area minimal to avoid having more to clean in the long run. 

The idea of having a carpet in these areas might seem daunting to some, but, with an option that’s skip-proof, water-resistant, and completely washable, what better item to decorate AND keep your room clean?

You have an on-the-go lifestyle 

Although many of us are currently stuck at home, many Americans have vibrant and busy lives that take them away from home frequently. 

In fact, some Americans have turned to van and RV life in recent years. Living on the road comes with its own set of challenges and benefits, but decorating and keeping your space clean doesn’t have to be one of them. An area rug or runner does wonders to spruce up small spaces like RVs and converted vans. Plus, since they’re backed in a slip-proof pattern, they won’t go slip-sliding around while you’re driving!

Rug cleaners are expensive!  

Rug cleaners are an expensive service that many traditional rug owners simply have to invest in.

Whether you go the DIY route and rent a Hoover, or you decide to hire a professional, carpet cleaning services can cost anywhere between $60 to hundreds of dollars.

Ditch the expensive services and invest in a piece that you can maintain all by yourself. Not only will it save you cash, but it’ll also save you time in the long run! 

Caring about the environment is sexy 

Did you know that up to 4 billion pounds of carpets and rugs wind up in landfills every year? 

Trashing the planet is so y2k. Now is the time to stop buying pieces of furniture and decor that you’ll only use once or twice, only to throw away when you get sick of it or it stops looking shiny and new. Instead, go for pieces that you can reuse again and again. 

Our rugs stand the test of time: each one has been tested and proven to last 30+ without damage. This means less shopping for replacements and less ending up in landfills.

If you’re still not sold on a washable rug from My Magic Carpet, we offer a variety of designs to catch your eye, and we’re positive you’ll find one to fall in love with.