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How to Protect Your Floors and Host a Fabulous Halloween Party

Halloween is right around the corner, and you're still debating over whether to host that yearly Halloween Mystery Party or spend the evening trick-or-treating with the kids. Lots of exciting changes have occurred in many of our lives recently, and we're tired!

Maybe you recently adopted a pet, and they're in the middle of potty training. Perhaps a new addition to your family has arrived, and the older kids are more mobile and independent than they were last year. Or you've recently updated your flooring and are nervous about having people roam around the house with food and drink.

All of these are great reasons to skip playing host, but we think you all need to let loose and have fun this year, and we are here to offer some decor tips and support for an unforgettable and frightening evening!

Pet Friendly

Halloween Cat MMC

Our pets love us as much as we love them and want to be involved in our activities and conversations. While we're cooking and decorating for the party, they may get underfoot and cause a spill or have an accident. That's ok. Just scoop up your rug and throw it in the washer for a fresh and clean carpet in no time with no residual odors.

As guests begin to arrive for the big event shindig, Fluffy and Spot will inevitably get the zoomies and race through the house. Our non-slip rugs can help to keep your furry loved ones from slipping and sliding across laminate or hardwood flooring.

Kid Friendly

Halloween Kids MMCOttoman Natural Washable Rug

A few of you have children old enough to assist with party preparations, figure out their costumes, and head out to a friend's gathering for the evening. For those with younger children, being the host AND trick-or-treating chaperone is challenging.

Plan some children's party games to keep them occupied after their candy collecting extravaganza. Also, grab a large bowl or bag to keep their treats in one place. For some reason, a piece of chocolate or candy goes rogue in the middle of the Halloween Scavenger Hunt; a quick spot clean will get whatever stain right out.

Family Friendly

Halloween Family MMCFlux Striped Multicolor Washable Rug

 A few days before Halloween Celebration 2021, friends call to inform you their babysitter is unavailable and can they bring their three kids? And your response?? SURE! The more, the merrier or creepier, in this case. This was never an adults-only soiree, to begin with.

When it was just your children, you thought, oh, this is manageable. Now you can almost anticipate a calamity or two. It is best to have more than one rug to ensure your floors don't get damaged, depending on the size of your space. One by the main table and another where most people will meet up to eat and chit chat. Hopefully, at the end of the evening, all you'll have to do is head out to the backyard and give your patterned carpets a shake or two. 

Holiday Friendly

Fall Family MMCMedina Moroccan Diamond Grey Washable Rug

Our rugs come in various colors to match the holidays, shapes, sizes, unique patterns, and we're always working on adding more. You can feel confident that no matter how many times you wash or spot clean, that your rug will last and be ready for all of the holidays!