The Best of the Best: 10 Home Decor Trends You Need on Your Radar for 2023 over top a living room featuring the My Magic Carpet Ochre Ikat Grey Gold washable rug.

The Best of the Best: 10 Home Decor Trends You Need on Your Radar for 2023

It's summer 2023, and home decor trends constantly evolve to reflect changing tastes and lifestyles. We've just released our list of the top 10 home décor trends for 2023. From bold colors to sustainable materials, read on for My Magic Carpet's picks for the top 10 home decor trends to finish the year.

#1 Bold Colors

A colorful bathroom with the My Magic Carpet Flux Striped Multicolor washable rug and headwest arched shaped thin metal frame vanity mirror.
Arch Shaped Mirror by Headwest Mirrors

Say goodbye to neutral palettes and hello to vibrant hues like our Flux Striped Multicolor washable rug. Bold home decor colors are making a major comeback in 2023. Splashes of blues, brilliant greens, and mustard yellows are replacing subtle beiges and grays. Use accent walls, furniture, pillows, and artwork to incorporate pops of dramatic colors into your home. These bold shades add personality and visual interest to a home or office.

#2 Organic Shapes

Organic shape trends with natural edges are trending for 2023. Flowing lines and asymmetric shapes add a touch of whimsy and warmth to decor. Look for pieces with sensuous curves reminiscent of leaves, clouds, shells, and waves. Use organic pillows, rugs, lighting, furniture, and accessories to achieve this look. Start small by adding a few key pieces to build your style.

#3 Textured Accents 

A boho bedroom with a hammock and the My Magic Carpet white shag washable rug.

Texture creates depth and dimension in home decor. For 2023, mix and match pieces with contrasting textures for maximum visual impact. Pair sleek glass and polished metal with nubby fabrics, distressed wood, woven accents, and animal prints. Play with textures on accent walls, rugs, perhaps a fluffy white shag , throws, and upholstered furniture. Varying textures keep decor stimulating and inviting.

#4 Sustainable Materials 

Sustainability is increasingly important in home design. For 2023, choose pieces crafted from renewable and recycled materials like bamboo, jute, cork, reclaimed wood, and recycled plastic. Eco-friendly home decor is elegant, ethical, and safe for the environment. Use sustainable furnishings from eco-conscious brands to reduce your home's carbon footprint.

#5 Statement Pieces

A living room with plants the My Magic Carpet Aubusson Beige washable rug and the American Art Decor boho tree stump trunk accent stool.Accent Stool by American Art Decor

Make a bold decorative statement by incorporating eye-catching focal points. Statement-making furnishings like a floral imbued Aubusson beige washable rug, oversized mirror, exotic plants, or unconventional seating that adds drama. Place your statement piece in an accent area to anchor the room without overwhelming it. Let your statement piece reflect your unique flair.

#6 Comfortable Furnishings

As we continue spending more time at home, comfort is key. Upgrade your furnishings with relaxed home furniture, including plush sectionals, recliners, softly-upholstered chairs, and beanbag seating. Swap out stiff dining chairs for cushioned, armless versions. Where practical, choose rounded-edge tables and padded stools for softer, more cozy rooms.

#7 Personal Touches

A mostly white bathroom with the My Magic Carpet Sasha Floral Cream Blue washable rug and the Fine Art Canvas Bounlessness in Bloom framed canvas print.

Boundlessness in Bloom Framed Art by Fine Art Canvas

Personalize your rooms with cherished home decor like photos, framed wall art, accessories, plants, or a floral motif rug. Fill shelves with books, collectibles, and travel mementos that tell your individual story. Add whimsical accents that bring you joy and reflect who you are. Use your favorite colors and display special items to create a warm, welcoming environment.

#8 Flexible Furnishings

Seeking flexible home furnishings as life changes? Select decor that serves multiple purposes. Look for coffee tables that double as workstations, sofa beds for overnight guests, and nesting tables that tuck away when not used. Multifunctional furniture maximizes utility in any size dwelling.

#9 Functional Pieces

A living room with a leather couch, and the Magic Carpet Dula Light Sage washable rug and the American Art Decor Honeycomb Floating 3-piece wood wall shelf set

Honeycomb Floating Shelves by American Art Decor

In addition to flexible pieces, focus on function. Opt for furniture with built-in organization, like a console with drawers and geometric-shaped shelving that's eye-catching and works as storage. Choose lighting with adjustable brightness and smart technology. Add ergonomic chairs and standing desks to home offices. Prioritize utility as well as design.

#10 Layered Lighting

Proper lighting sets the mood and adds style. For 2023, layer lighting fixtures like pendant lamps, sconces, and strip lighting for visual depth. Mix elegant chandeliers with edgy bare-bulb pendants. Add adjustable floor and table lamps. Install dimmers for greater control over the ambiance. Use lighting to create an inviting atmosphere.


From bold colors and textures to ergonomic furniture and eco-materials, these top 10 home decorating trends offer fresh inspiration for designing a stylish, comfortable, and functional home in 2023. As you plan updates for the coming year, consult our trend report and incorporate elements that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle needs. Happy decorating!