A combined living room and kitchen has 10 windows, wood and marble accents, white walls, couch and a runner rug that divides the rooms.

Discover How Incorporating New Sized Rugs Can Improve Your Home

You've finally made the giant leap to transform your space into a symmetrical retreat emphasizing textured layers that reflect the right amount of comfort and aesthetic appeal. With little effort, area rugs in their different patterns, placement, shapes, and sizes can significantly affect a room's volume and appreciable climate.

Rectangular 3x5 and 5x7 carpets are always solid choices for layering larger pieces of furniture in spacious living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms. Narrow or smaller spaces may require a bit more finessing with unique sizing. We've recently added two new sizes in signature patterns to our My Magic Carpet  family of washable rugs, the 6x6 round and runner rugs, for more coverage options.

While it is true that round and runner rugs do provide a lot of the same benefits as other rugs, we've outlined a few design tricks that set them apart from other carpets.

The Circle of Influence
Decorative round rug with arm chair

If you often feel cramped in certain rooms of your house, round rugs can make a small space look bigger. The hard edges of furniture appear smoother or softer and less bulky when mixed with a circular shape. But that's not all.

Adding a circular decorative rug as an accent piece to a foyer boosts the size and feel of the space. Though you may not necessarily gather with friends and family in an entryway, you want the introduction to your home to feel inspirational and welcoming.

Does your space feel slightly lopsided at times? Fan out end tables, armchairs, and love seats around the perimeter of a round rug to create a balanced, cohesive look by layering complementary colors and textures in your living room.

When deciding whether or not to incorporate a round rug into your space, consider one more thing. Round objects naturally capture our attention by filling a room with a sense of calm compared to angular objects. Change the vibe from heavy and uncomfortable to light and relaxing with a round area rug.

Now that we've found our balance and focus let's see how a decorative runner can guide us in the right direction!

Runners Lead the Way
A Kitchen with hard wood floors and a runner rug placed between the counters and sink

Runner rugs give us an ideal way to brighten up an ordinary, boring hallway and give it some personality and pops of color. The infusion of different shades can clear the dimness by adding width and depth to a typically confined space.

Another interesting fact about these rugs is that they secretly direct traffic in our homes. Think about Dorothy strolling down the yellow brick road to Oz, but in this case, our decorative runner guides family members through the kitchen to the dining room or living room.

And since we've mentioned the kitchen, we'd love to roll out a long area rug that complements the colors of our wall decor. Laying down a runner in the kitchen offers floor protection from oils, liquids, and foods that stain. It'll also give the kids some traction as they come racing in for an after-school snack.

After following some basic styling suggestions blended with your own creative twist, you'll notice the difference round and runner tugs can make in your home.