And the Dirtiest Dog Is...My Magic Carpet Crowns Muddiest Mutts!

And the Dirtiest Dog Is...My Magic Carpet Crowns Muddiest Mutts!

We are howling with excitement at My Magic Carpet to announce our top 3 winners of the epic 2023 Dirty Dog Contest! This was our biggest and muddiest contest yet, with over 300 entries of dogs getting gloriously messy and grubby. We loved seeing so many happy pups living their best, delightfully dirty lives!

After pawing through hundreds of adorable dirty dog pics, we selected our top 3 winners based on the number of votes from our loyal followers and how many points a contestant earned completing some ruff tasks! Needless to say, we're barking with joy to announce this year's top 3 winners of the 2023 Dirty Dog contest and tell their story!


My Magic Carpet's 2023 Dirty Dog Contest 1st Place Winner Heaven all muddy walking along a dirt path.

In first place, we have the diva of dirt, the queen of mud, the champion of all things messy, and our new 2023 My Magic Carpet Mascot- Heaven! Heaven is absolutely in heaven when she's had a roll in the mud, and her winning photo proves it.

According to Heaven's human, this spunky pup has a fun life with lots of interest and a few close buds. She is committed to her daily routine and knows how she wants things done. When Heaven visits her grandparents, she doesn't rest until Grandmom puts her water dish down and Grandpop has given her a treat. At home, dinner must be on time, and she needs to be cuddled on the couch before she can go to bed. If you mess up her schedule, she'll lead you to whatever she thinks you should do for her!

Heaven's best fur friend was her uncle Andy, who crossed the rainbow bridge. They had the best relationship and much fun together (often getting double-dirty)! Heaven also loves playing with her grandparent's neighbor's dog, Callie. Heaven met Callie when her family fostered the pup for a weekend. Heaven's family is so happy they've continued being friends!

Fur-friends aren't the only loves in Heaven's life. A few humans are at the top of Heaven's list. She simply adores her Grandma, Grandpa and two neighborhood friends, Tom and Dave! When Heaven was first adopted, she had a fear of men. Tom and Dave, local business owners, took extra time to make Heaven feel safe and secure. And now Heaven loves to spend time with them!

One of Heaven's many favorite activities is going for a car ride. When offered a ride, she runs right to the door! But once in the car, adorable Heaven falls fast asleep until she hears the car park, and then she's up to see what dirt-filled adventure awaits!

Congrats, Heaven, on taking first place, you muddy marvel!


My Magic Carpet's 2023 Dirty Dog Contest 2nd Place Winner Ruby Rose covered in mud.

In second place, we have the ultimate mud puddle jumper - Ruby Rose! Her winning entry shows Ruby Rose with the cutest mud-adorned head tile! Ruby Rose, your joy is contagious! Congrats on snagging second place with this pawsitively incredible mucky moment!

Here are a few fun details about the puggilicious Ruby Rose! She loves her stuffed green Gumby toy! It's her baby, and she goes wild attacking the poor thing and then takes it to bed with her every night. Over the years, she's been through 5 of them.

Her very favorite treats are homemade with pumpkin by her pet parent. But she also has a stash of Dream Bone sticks called "dessert," for after dinner. Ruby goes and sits by the so-called "secret hiding spot." It doesn't matter where her pet parent moves them- she knows where they are.

Ruby's funniest personality trait is her foot fetish! She loves barking at feet. She even barks at bare feet on the TV! Her bestie animal friend is her Cat sibling, Kiki. They are so sweet together, and Kiki loves to use her as a pillow and groom her. They are two peas in a pod!

Ruby's best human friend after her pet parent is her neighbor Rob. Ruby has a crush on Rob and will go bonkers and do the Pugtonia run around in circles and dance just knowing he's outside the front door! Ruby Rose is another pup who loves riding in the car and knows when it's time to go for her Pawdicure. She'll try and grab the leash and harness from her pet parent if they're not moving fast enough!

Congrats, Ruby Rose, and thank you for sharing!


My Magic Carpet's 3 Annual Dirty Dog Conest 3rd Place Winner, Miss Poppy Piddlestix after digging a hole.

In third place, we have the distinguished digger - Miss Poppy Piddlestix! Miss Poppy Piddlestix is all about digging, especially when it results in new, muddy holes to explore. Her entry photo captures her proudly posing next to a recently dug, gloriously messy mud pit in the yard. Her pet parent reports Poppy loves exclaiming "Mommy, look at the hole I dug!" every time she unearths a new delightfully dirty spot. Poppy, we have to dig your digging spirit!

What is Miss Poppy Piddlestix's favorite toy? A rawhide pig's ear. She found it at the store and would not let it go! For now, Miss Poppy Piddlestix's favorite treat, since she is only 16 weeks old, is Peanut Butter chew sticks to help with teething.

The cute Miss Poppy Piddlestix's best animal friends are her eight kitty siblings at the house and her pet parent's greenhouse. She loves her kitties. Way more than they love her at this point, she licks them until they run away. But who are her best human friends? Miss Poppy Piddlestix loves everybody. There isn't a customer that walks in the door of her pet parent's shop that she isn't all tail wags and licks over. And she loves to untie their shoelaces. But she panics a bit when Mommy gets too far away.

Miss Poppy Piddlestix enjoys the 3-mile car ride to and from work seven days a week. She gets in and curls up in the console; that's how tiny she is. She hasn't started looking out the window yet, but she is always jumping up and down, ready to go to work and equally excited at night when it is time to come home. 

Congrats, Miss Poppy Piddlestix, on third place!

To all our incredibly dirty dogs and pawsome pet parents who entered our 2023 contest - thank you! We loved seeing so many happy, messy pups loving life and getting grubby. You all made this our best Dirty Dog contest yet!

Stay tuned for more tail-wagging contests coming up from My Magic Carpet. Don't forget to give your dirty dogs some extra treats and belly rubs today. They earned it for being such good sports and letting their messiness shine. Woof out!