A living room with hard wood floors, a metal bookcase, futon, a plant a striped pastel colored area rug a neutral toned pouf ottoman.

What Happens When You Pair an Area Rug with a Pouf? Pure Magic!

As a fan of My Magic Carpet washable rugs, you know we love talking about the many benefits of our rugs and all the attractive ways to style them in any room in your home. But what can possibly be more exciting than the addition of a new washable carpet to your home decor? Perhaps a new washable rug paired with a trendy ottoman for extra seating or a comfy footrest?

Right now, My Magic Carpet is offering a sweet promotion to snatch up a decorative boho pouf ottoman at 20% off. When you add one of our family and pet-friendly area rugs to your cart, keep an eye out for a purchase pop-up to choose a pouf and get 20% off. We're so pleased we can barely contain ourselves! 

What's so special about these two practical accent pieces? Read on to find out more about what rugs and ottoman poufs can do for your space, separate or together.

Washable Rugs

Yanis Yellow Gold Washable Rug on a light wood floor with a hand-woven boho floor pouf in natural tones, a couch with throw pillows and a console

Being the worker bees they are, washable, stain-resistant, non-slip area rugs placed in high foot traffic areas with children and pets can significantly reduce floor damage from spills or injuries from slips. The benefits don't stop there.

Imagine stepping out of bed in the winter and onto tiled floors barefoot. First, you'll most likely scream. Secondly, you'll head to the computer to buy a rug. Although hardwood, laminate, or tiled flooring give a room a modern look, there is little insulation from cold and noise travels. Laying down an area rug or two can infuse warmth and absorb loud sounds. 

Functionality makes a rug a necessity. Vibrant patterns and colors make a rug aesthetically desirable. Place a cozy  vegan shag rug in front of a living room fireplace, a lovely traditional pattern rug under a dining room table, or a modern runner to a busy entryway.

Ottoman Poufs

Hand-Woven Boho Floor Pouf Ottoman - Grey & Beige on a Leilani Damask Ivory Washable Rug next to a white couch with black, white and orange throw pillows

Ottoman poufs possess an equal array of multi-purpose qualities as washable rugs. They come in different sizes and are low to the ground for easy storage under a console or table after use. 

At times an unexpected guest comes by for which you don't have a chair to accommodate this person. Use a boho ottoman for extra seating in the den or living room. They don't take up much space and blend in well with many decors.

Home offices are more popular than ever. Remember, remote work doesn't mean less work. It means you're conveniently commuting in your pajamas five or ten steps down the hall instead of an hour by car. 

You do have the flexibility to make your office as comfortable as possible. Tackle long hours of zoom meetings and phone calls with your feet up on a soft yet sturdy pouf ottoman.

Leave an ottoman next to the couch as an end table for TV remotes, cell phones, books, or a light snack. Carry your lightweight pouf to any room in the house, including entryways, to add texture and depth.


You can indeed have an area rug without a pouf and vice versa, but why style them separately when they look so good together! Area rugs and poufs spend their lives in harmony on the floor. 

Selecting a pouf and rug to style together, first decide on an overall look. Are you going for a Scandanavian design that highlights neutral tones with black hints or the grand millennial maximalist extravaganza? Mix and match pouf textures with similar and contrasting rug shades for balance. 

The goal is to create a union that emphasizes a room's unique details and infuses a relaxing warm vibe. Each accent piece brings its own set of beautiful assets that needs your energy and creativity to form that decorative bond.